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The Dametreos Chronicles: The BloodVaine Epic

He is only known as BloodVaine. BloodVaine the Necromancer. And BloodVaine is on a mission: the complete domination of Dametreos. With the aid of Aezezal the demon, Dacker the dragon-rider and the traitorous Black Falcons and Dragon Masters, his evil plan seems unstoppable. But wait. All of Dametreos is about to learn one thing: the conquest of one can affect the lives of all. And now, whether they like it or not, every single person has a part to play. Lord Bjarn. Lord Barbod. Sir Dractor. Willem Blackcloak. Graygon. Jack Craft. Reno Regga. Aros Regga. Luxus. Radjar Kath. Gib. Lord Void. Shainya. Green Fox. Randolph. Fraun Jerlock. Bourne. Voolmark. Dordrot. Bernard Quorandis. King Sirion. Rosa. The Lone Falcon. She-Of-The-Barrow. The Stormspear brothers. And many others. All have a part to play. But will the Allies win against BloodVaine? Or will Dametreos fall?

This story is based upon the Classic Castle Roleplay continuing epic written by Barbapple, Daimyo, forester3291, Formendacil, Jack Craft, lone ranger, Lord_Of_The_LEGO, the great one, The Green Knight and lemon_squeezer02. Text may be edited from its original form.

Chapter 1: Discovery
Chapter 2: The Demon Within
Chapter 3: In The Neverwood
Chapter 4: Witness To Slaughter
Chapter 5: The Trial Of Radjar Kath
Chapter 6: Gib And Gart
Chapter 7: Exorcism
Chapter 8: Unlikely Companions
Chapter 9: Forgiven
Chapter 10: Green Fox
Chapter 11: Captive Of The Forestmen
Chapter 12: The Arklyndellys Vulondur
Chapter 13: A Forestman's Past
Chapter 14: Sir Dractor Makes A Deal
Chapter 15: Dire News
Chapter 16: Dragons At Drullen Bell Keep
Chapter 17: Massacre
Chapter 18: Hunkering Down
Chapter 19: In BloodVaine's Lair
Chapter 20: Following The Mana Trail
Chapter 21: Bourne
Chapter 22: Southward Bound
Chapter 23: Drock And Jarvick
Chapter 24: Wandering Walf
Chapter 25: Evil Schemes
Chapter 26: Sparring With Shainya
Chapter 27: Onboard An Airship
Chapter 28: Searching For Allies
Chapter 29: Cellbound
Chapter 30: Holocaust
Chapter 31: A Light In The North
Chapter 32: A Wound Reopened
Chapter 33: The Day After Tomorrow
Chapter 34: Frigid Sailing
Chapter 35: Memories
Chapter 36: Into The Inferno
Chapter 37: The Classics Crippled
Chapter 38: Black Knights On The March
Chapter 39: She-Of-The-Barrow
Chapter 40: A Very Brief Visit
Chapter 41: Preparation
Chapter 42: Spirits Of The Slain
Chapter 43: Three At Sea
Chapter 44: Fires Quenched, Forests Scorched
Chapter 45: The Return Of Fraun
Chapter 46: In The Dungeons
Chapter 47: Bourne Onboard
Chapter 48: The Forestdwellers' Council
Chapter 49: Old Friends And Old Rivals
Chapter 50: Reunion
Chapter 51: An Unfriendly Welcome
Chapter 52: Blood
Chapter 53: The Black Falcons' Barrage
Chapter 54: The Allied Fleet
Chapter 55: To The Ninjas
Chapter 56: Aezezal's Next Victim
Chapter 57: The Black Knights Bite Back
Chapter 58: Return To Orion
Chapter 59: Firefight
Chapter 60: Gart Once Again
Chapter 61: Searil's Revelations
Chapter 62: A Wizard's Advice
Chapter 63: Another Reunion
Chapter 64: Talistrand Reacts
Chapter 65: Feasts And Feuds
Chapter 66: Siege!
Chapter 67: The Ultimate Sacrifice
Chapter 68: Advancing North
Chapter 69: Marching To Mayhem
Chapter 70: Swelling The Ranks
Chapter 71: Bloody Battle
Chapter 72: Back Home
Chapter 73: Gib Once Again
Chapter 74: Driven By Revenge
Chapter 75: Call To March
Chapter 76: Bernard's Convoy
Chapter 77: Dragon Duel
Chapter 78: Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 79: Meeting In The Neverwood
Chapter 80: The Dark Dragon's Den
Chapter 81: King Falconis' XXVIII Council
Chapter 82: Seperate Paths, Same Goal
Chapter 83: A Retelling Of Recent Events
Chapter 84: Clash Of The Armies
Chapter 85: Brooding BloodVaine
Chapter 86: The Battle For Orion's Gate
Chapter 87: The Cost Of War
Chapter 88: Falconis City
Chapter 89: Broken Bjarn
Chapter 90: Demon-Slayer
Chapter 91: A Change In Plans
Chapter 92: House Of Healing
Chapter 93: Defection
Chapter 94: Recuperation
Chapter 95: Utter Defeat
Chapter 96: Routed
Chapter 97: Victory
Chapter 98: A New Dawn For Dametreos
Chapter 99: Taking A Breath
Chapter 100: Fields Of Rye
Chapter 101: Brooding
Chapter 102: Getting Drunk
Chapter 103: Hair-Brained Schemes

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