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Henry was Classic-Castle's first world traveling minifig. LEGOFREAK sent him on his journey, where he met several Classic-Castle members before coming home to a well-deserved rest. Now his cousin Harold is continuing the noble quest to travel the globe and bring Classic-Castle cheer to all he meets.

Visit to Jojo

Dear CC,
My journey to Germany went well, and Jojo greeted me warmly. I've been staying at the lovely Tower in the Lonely Woods and visited the Hall of Albirona. Jojo also took me around Dortmund to see such sights as the Reinoldikirche, the Marienkirche and the Adlerturm Meseum. I took a lot of photos to document my stay.

Dear CC,
Another trip across the great sea brought me to Canada, where I met David. We had a great time! I got to meet all of his LEGO friends and also travel around Quebec city with him and his girlfriend. I enjoyed boating along the Saint-Laurent River. Unfortunately, I was having such fun that I don't know what I did with my pictures.

Visit to David Girard

Visit to wlister

Dear CC,
The next stage of my journey took me across Canada for my visit with Will. Here I got to stay in the very cozy Redstone Inn, but sadly the comely wench who worked there was cold to my advances. Among the many interesting characters I met here were a pair of centaurs. Along with Will I got to visit the Calgary Tower, the Saddledome and the Calgary Zoo, and I also met another new friend, Old Republic. Sadly, I had camera troubles again and have no photos to share. Next I will be heading south, to the United States.

Dear CC,
I was really excited to meet one of the founders of the Classic-Castle community, Ben. When I arrived I was greeted by a large crowd, and they invited me in to the Great Hall for a feast they had prepared in my honor. I spent a lot of time talking with Ben about the joys of castle and the great community of LEGO builders, but all too soon our time was done, and it was off for the next stage of my journey. I'm now headed half way around the world! Next stop, the ancient realm of Israel. Luckily I did have some pictures to remember my time with Ben.

Visit to architect

Visit to Webrain

Dear CC,
It was so exciting to finally arrive in Israel to meet Yaron. I'd heard so much of this land from some of my friends the Crusader Knights. Yaron invited me to a tournament that had been arranged in my honor. Frighteningly, this Yaron seems to be some sort of a wizard, as he was able to make more of me via a process he called cloning, so that my dopplegangers could attend other events. I felt more comfortable when I went out to visit the ruins of a Byzantine tower in the town of A'zor. I was able to take a lot of photos to help remember my time in Israel.

Dear CC,
You know how at the edges of maps it says "here there be dragons"? I think that they are referring to Anthony's home in Texas. At first I was quite frightened by this, but my host assured me that I was safe. I was able to stay in a wonderful castle during my visit, and I met all sorts of people, including some giants. I was also able to get down to the shore for a quick swim. Before I left, my kind host presented me with a gift. I have many more photos to remember this visit. This journey has been so fun and I've met such kind hosts. I wonder who I'll meet next.

Visit to SavaTheAggie

Visit to Jennifer

Dear CC,
My visit to Jennifer was full of adventure and romance. I met fair maidens, who came with their own dangers. On my quest I met many strange characters who helped guide me on my way to the castle, where I found the fair Princess Ophelia. Together we got to visit the town and share a picnic, as well as some discreet smooches.

Dear CC,
As I traveled to the home of Nick, I was waylaid by a band of brigands, thankfully, some good knights came to my aid and I had a wonderful time for the rest of my stay. I was able to visit sights around Sturgeon Bay and even feed some giant chickens. I took more photographs to remember my time and my gracious host.

Visit to lemon_squeezer2

Visit to Glencaer
Dear CC,
I recently arrived at the home of another luminary, CC co-founder Lenny. He showed me some photos of me at BrickFest, but for the life of me I don't remember this at all. I suspect some of the cloning wizardry that Yaron demonstrated when I visited Israel. I had a great time, but I have to say that armor is not the ideal wardrobe for Florida in August.

Dear CC,
I was a bit frightened when I arrived at the kingdom of Brick Tales to be greeted by an odd knight riding a dragon, but he led the way to meet my host, Bruce. Bruce showed me around his kingdom and I met many of his characters. The next day he took me to the strange realm of Losangeles in the kingdom of Realworld. Apparently he is some sort of alchemist, and I was able to visit his workplace and see various other sights. I was sure to take many photos to document my visit.

Visit to Bruce N H

Visit to Formendacil
Dear CC,
My visit to Michael had an inauspicious beginning, as our magical flying contraption crashed. Luckily I escaped unscathed, only to be attacked by orks. We were surrounded, until some brave warriors came to our aid, and then took us to a nearby fortress. There I was made welcome and shown around by a pleasant guide. While I was there I attended services at the local cathedral. I had quite a wonderful time, and I can remember it with my many pictures.

Dear CC,
When I arrived in Singapore, I was surprised to be greeted by an excited crowd. I had no idea the tale of my journeys had become so widely known. My host, Erwin, led me to a magical horseless carriage, which carried me in a parade to visit a store filled with LEGO! I was even able to ride on a giant elephant, just like Hannibal. I was also able to visit many sites around Singapore, including the famous Marlion. I took many more photos to remember my lovely time in the Far East.


Visit to footsteps
Dear CC,
Next it was back to Canada to meet Alan, his family, and Jakob the Blacksmith, his Avatar. I was able to see many sites around Alan's realm. He appears to be a horse lord of sorts. I also went with him to his place of employment and met his colleagues. Unfortunately my camera was having problems (again), so I don't have any photos of my stay. I did learn that another of my dopplegangers, Henrik also visited Alan.

Dear CC,
I'm sorry to not write you in a while, after a visit with Loneranger, I traveled on to meet Ben M. Unfortunately I became lost for a time, but when he found me we took several pictures to commemorate this, the last stop on my series of visits with CC members.

Visit to medib

Home for Henry
Dear CC,
I was so honored to learn that James Brink built a home especially for me It looks so wonderful. Unfortunately I will not be able to visit with James, but it looks like one of my dopplegangers is currently living there. As for me, I grow weary of my long quest. I'm finally going home to LEGOFREAK, who aparently really missed me. I'm honored by his tribute. My cousin Harold, though, is all set to begin journeying. I'm sure he'll be meeting with some of you quite soon.

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