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Local Outlaw contest entry

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Local Outlaw contest entry

Postby krzyzak » Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:44 pm

This is my entry for the contest.


From left to right -

Fred - 5 strength, 1 def

Johnny - 4 agi, 1 def, 1 str

George - 3 strength, 2 agi, 1 def

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Re: Local Outlaw contest entry

Postby AK_Brickster » Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:50 pm


On the topic of "Character Stats," I would like to make the suggestion--and not just for ZacharyIslazy, but for all the LCCers--that you make a distinction between posting a MOC in the MOCs Forum and posting on the LCC threads in the Stories forum. The Classic-Castle staff is glad to see activity in the MOCs forum and we certainly don't want to discourage either creating or posting new castle creations...


It takes all of an extra 30 seconds longer to write a new post for the MOCs forum rather than copying whatever you write for the LCC threads. Bear in mind that the MOCs Forum is intended to showcase the MOCs themselves. This doesn't mean you can't give us the context to understand what is going on--that usually helps the viewer appreciate your MOC--but when things get lengthy or when they get LCC technical, sometimes it's better to link to things rather than include them completely.

So, before you repost something in the MOCs Forum that you've already put in an LCC thread (or that you're about to put there), ask yourself a couple things about the post:

1.) Does the text in my post make sense to any reader or just to an LCC reader?

2.) Could I link to this instead?

As I said before, we're glad to see you building and we also enjoy seeing what you've built--but not all the LCC-specific information is going to make the general reader more interesting in your LEGO building.

~Formendacil - Moderator

Remember that your explanation of your MOC should make sense to non-LCC members as well. In your case, they won't understand what the stats are all about. It would be better to post those in the Outlaws thread and just post a pic of your figs here, maybe with a short description of them.
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