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Message sorting under a topic

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Message sorting under a topic

Postby footsteps » Fri Oct 31, 2003 12:41 am


Here's an observation and a request for a presentation change.

I've noticed that when I go to a topic to view messages the order of presentation is oldest first. That's not the problem, or rather, the concern.

Often, when I'm revisiting a topic I'm only interested in the latest message. But in order to get the order changed to newest first I have to go all the way to the end anyway to get the sort order changed.

Is it possible to have the sort order selection appear first, right above the original message? That way I could quickly get the latest message without having to scroll through the others.

Hopefully this is not a major request - I'm not about to curse the site if the change isn't made :)

Or is there some other place where defaults can be changed and saved?

Thanks for listening,
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