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Broken image links a-plenty in the forum

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Broken image links a-plenty in the forum

Postby Bruce N H » Wed Feb 06, 2019 9:02 pm

Hey all,

As I note in this thread, Flickr has started limiting free accounts to 1000 photos. If you don't delete stuff (or upgrade to a pro account) they're soon going to automatically remove all of your older images. That impacts this forum quite a bit. Many of us have been using Flickr as a photo storage site and then linking images here (heck, I've even got a FAQ on how to host photos and link them in the forum). For instance, you see a new set and want to talk about it in the forum, take a pic, post it to Flickr, and then link that image as part of the discussion of that new set. Personally I've just deleted 2/3 of my Flickr account, and I'm sure many others will be doing similar things (or having it done automatically), but I made sure to save pictures of family and pictures of my favorite MOCS (though I had to delete 100s of others) (don't worry, I do have the images all backed up on my hard drive). But that means I did delete all of those images that might have been part of discussions here and elsewhere around the internet. Many others have probably done the same. That means that if you're going back through old threads, there are going to be all kinds of broken image links littered all over the place. Nothing really to be done about it, I just wanted to post this here in case anyone was wondering why so many image links will be broken starting this week.

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Re: Broken image links a-plenty in the forum

Postby Strela_999 » Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:03 pm

Eh, I've never liked Flickr, and it isn't going to make me like them more.
I've always used Imgur because even an e-troglodyte like I am can understand how it works, and so far it's been working in a reliable and stable way, but who knows how long it will last? Will it end like Imagehost and all of these dinosaurs?
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