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Two Editorial Suggestions

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Two Editorial Suggestions

Postby Tedward » Fri Feb 27, 2004 5:20 pm

1) EVENTS button/label/menu

I went to the EVENTS page and there was no menu for CCC events like the recent BrickfestPDX display. I know it is in the forums but maybe an article or at least a link to the thread from the EVENTS page might be in order?

2) index of models

I wanted to find the creator and any pictures I could of the really cool jousting scene at Brickfest. The Knight's Tale style galleries are really cool and I wanted to have another look at them.

Could we find a way to index MOC's by the type of structure or something because I forgot who made it and the only index to MOC's is by name.

Oddly enough we may already have the start of the index in the Techniques page being discussed already. Combined with the glossary page why not have a set of pages that are giant alphabetical index of castle terms with links to definitions and descriptions and any MOC's that feature that element?

OK it would be a big effort but if we do it now then perhaps it can grow instead of going back two years from now and trying to create some sort of subject index when the numbers are astronomical.
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Postby architect » Sat Feb 28, 2004 3:39 am

Hi Ted,

I am one of the Events Admins but my main job is Sets Admin. This weekend when I get some free time I will add Lenny's news articles about Brickfest. All of these articles should be linked to on the main page or in the archives section. We still plan to have an online calendar for events but we have not made that yet.

The creations section is has many moc's, including contest moc's that are organized by category at each person's page. CC needs permission from members to post their creations. This is why people have to email Anthony for a creation to be added to their page. Searching throughout brickshelf for every blacksmith shop (or whatever type of moc) would be very time consuming. A different organizing system for creations would be wonderful. But we need someone capable of coding and organizing all of that. If anyone volunteers to help, we would definitely add it.

I hope this helps :wink:

Ben E.
Sets Admin

P.S. I think the Joust was made by Rene Hoffmeister from Germany. I add bookmarks of my favorite builder's so I can always check their folders. Plus, if you go to brickshelf and type in "joust" it should bring up most of the jousting moc's.

P.P.S. Check out this link for photos of the 2003 Berlin castle moc's.

Rene's Tournament Joust is in several of the folders.
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