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Profitable Elves?

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Re: Profitable Elves?

Postby JoshWedin » Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:44 pm

Heir of Black Falcon wrote:The horse mouth eh... What he seems to be saying is not ‘never ever’, but that they are not planned currently in the works which is a whole different situation.

This is what has been said ad infinitum from many people. This is not new news. Yes, Steve did not say "Never, ever", because Lego doesn't have a company rule that they won't make elves. However, they are not planning to now, have not planned to in the past, and have no hidden, super-secret schemes to plan them later.

I am really, really sick of the whole elves discussion. It is just going around and around in circle after circle. I am locking this thread. End of story.

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