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LEGO Pick a Brick Feedback

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Re: LEGO Pick a Brick Feedback

Postby FriarPuck » Sun Sep 13, 2009 3:03 pm

Aliencat wrote:They're still relatively new, and online Pick-a-Brick isn't available in every country, Bricklink is. When there's more demand, prices can go up. Of course people who live somewhere they can order from Pick-a-Brick and know that these windows are available and cheaper there, won't order them from Bricklink, but everyone else will.
That's my theory on why they're more expensive on Bricklink than through Pick-a-Brick. Either way be happy Pick-a-Brick is available for you and you can get these windows there ;)

Absolutely. I wasn't aware PaB wasn't available worldwide. I'm glad you pointed out the windows. I was perusing the catalog for windows and saw the old style (which I seem to have hundreds of) and was disappointed that the latticed ones weren't there. My order is placed though...I hope they offer different colors in the future.

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Re: LEGO Pick a Brick Feedback

Postby Aculon » Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:39 am

Aliencat wrote:
Aculon wrote:I know I don't speak for everyone when I say this, but it would be nice to have light flesh minifigure parts (like heads) too.

Unfortunately, that one isn't going to be possible.
The flesh minifigure parts are only used in licensed themes, and no licensed parts may be added to Pick-a-Brick.

Aw, man. Thanks for pointing that out to me!
EDIT: I was thinking, and I remembered that there have been flesh figure pieces in the build your own minifgures thing at the LEGO store (I got an Obi-Wan flesh head from it). If they can put flesh pieces in there, couldn't they put them in the online PAB? /EDIT

Another issue for me is the price on the build and level plates (baseplates) there.
I used to be able to get green 16x32 baseplates from the LEGO store for like $1.69, but now on the online PAB, 16x16 ones prolly cost at least twice that. Any idea why this is? Thanks!

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