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Request for the next LDD update.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:30 am
by Ye Olde Republic
To the LDD team: would it be possible for a function in LDD that inventories what we've built? I've used it quite a bit and I haven't figured out that there is anything like that already.
Also, aside from wanting more castle related items, I'd really love the classic castle background mad available in 'view mode'.

I understand that this may not be conducive to sales but I (for one, and am not likely the only) don't much care for the idea of waiting 10+ days for my design to be picked/collated before it is even sent to me. I want to build my 'thing' in real life a soon as I can and it's often large. This is why I usually use LDD, if I want to build something large I conceptualize it there first and it would be a great help to know how many of a certain brick I've used. Thanks.

Re: Request for the next LDD update.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:18 pm
by Papy.G
I'll add my wishes there since this thread is gladly already existing.

First, a correct configuration requirements list and detection on the installing process should be great, I have the hardware and software, but it just doesn't work with MacOS, I'm obliged to run Windows to use the last version of LDD, so I don't, and don't post my creations, and don't order parts neither.
Edited: I finally managed to start it up, it told me the newer version is available, I downloaded it, installed, and then, it tells my MacOS version is too old.

For the funcionnalities, It would be great to have the very full library of lego parts ever released, or, at least the library that inside designers have, not only available parts from the PAB/Factory.
A parts inventory will be great to see if I put four identical parts, and I only have three of them (at home), it will say, if it's available on PAB, or either, if i'll have to get one elsewhere. So when we're finished with creation step, we would have three lists of absolutely needed available parts from PAB, needed home base parts, and unavailable parts, with possibility to modify quantities when ordering, without modifying the creation itself, so we can add extras, or not order some parts we know we're about to get from elsewhere.
Also, it would display in the Factory galleries if the set is made of only parts from the PAB, or the amount of non-PAB parts.

For minis, it would be nice to be able to chose distinctly a torso, arm colour, and hand colour, same goes for legs, even if we finally get our parts all scattered in the bag. Any lego user able to order the PAB knows how to assemble a Mini, and IMHO, it's always a heartbreack to have to switch arms and legs to a brand-new Mini, plus, it is not good for articulations, that can get little loose consecutively (subsequently?).