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LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Open message to The LEGO Company. We make no guarantee that anyone from LEGO will actually read them, let alone respond!

LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby architect » Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:54 am

Hi Everyone,

The Direct to Consumer department is looking for our feedback on exclusive sets found on Shop at Home and in Brand Stores:

Direct is just wrapping up 2011 and we’re now looking forward to 2012 and beyond! I’m hoping you and the ambassadors can help me do a bit of brainstorming for some new model ideas.

We’re specifically trying to get some insight into what excites fans about our World Icons models. Do you buy sets like the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal because you view them as amazing ‘parts packs’? Do you only buy specific models in the line because of individual appeal or do you collect the whole series because you appreciate the theme? What would you like to see as the next World Icon?

We’d also like to hear if there is a particular ultimate set beyond World Icons which you’ve always wished we would make. It could be anything—like the Carousel, Imperial Flagship, Space Shuttle, Town Plan, Beetle, Medieval Market, Sculptures, etc. It could be Technic, Town/CITY, Space, Castle, Mindstorms, Belville, Trains or even something completely new. The sky is the limit!

Please post your feedback in this thread and I will send it to LEGO. Thanks!

Ben Ellermann

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Baron von Ellermann
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby albero78 » Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:04 pm

I don't usually buy World Icons models because I prefer minifig-scaled sets.
Concerning the ultimate sets beyond "world icons" I strongly support a high detailed castle with indoor scenes and a lot of minifig (not only soldiers!). That would be awesome and I would buy it even if it would probably be very expensive.
Andrea Albertazzi
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby architect » Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:31 pm

I would like to see a minifigure scale* UCS castle or keep with few minifigures. Please keep the expensive minifigures and printed accessories to a minimum. Focus on a ridiculous amount of light bluish grey bricks and nice architectural details.


* Since minifigures have strange proportions, a variety of scales are feasible.
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Baron von Ellermann
Baron von Ellermann
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby timber_wolf899 » Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:51 pm

I echo Architect's desire for a minifig scale UCS castle.

Also as Andrea says, i'm not into world icons much because they are not minifig scale.

Second to a minifig scale UCS castle I would like to have an army tank. This has been a want since I was a kid!

As a final suggestion/third priority I offer a highly detailed ironclad in the lines of the Imperial Flagship.
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby Bluesecrets » Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:06 pm

I posted my comments at Forbidden Cove, but I'm adding them here so we can discuss them also:

I am two sided on this issue. I do not like the World Icons and have not bought one and probably will not. I am aware I am in the minority in this case, but for me, I think if I want to build a World Icon, then I want to build it by myself designing and spending the challenge trying to come up with it myself. Yes, they are good parts packs, IF you build in those colors (which I do not). I know many who love the Taj Mahal and what nothing more than more of that set. I would rather save the money I would spend on that set and buy multiple other sets. They are just not what I want. But if you made Petra...that I would buy and not take apart. Or an Abu Sibel..oh that would be very nice indeed or one of the other great temples of Egypt. Maybe the Parthenon would be great too.

Now the Carousel, town plan and Cafe style houses, those I ADORE. I own all and wish I had multiple copies. They are not parts packs to me. I have not taken them apart after their builds and probably will not for a long period of time. They are more realistic to me and my collection. I would like to see a second rendition of the MMV..more buildings would be amazing. The castle community is wanting more civilian sets. I also very very very very very much want to see a merchant ship instead of just a pirate ship or a battle ship. These are nice, but who do the pirates attack to plunder? I nice port would be great too. So I guess maybe the pirate community could like some civilian sets also. I'd like to see a bakery and potentially a bowling alley or music store in the cafe style houses. The Holiday Shop was just adorable and could be expanded upon with another variation with a different shop.

Beville is one of my favorite themes. It is amazing in its parts alone, but also very fun to play with. I am currently not in love with the horse and puppy sets, where I did love the fairy tale and mermaid sets. I know that primary market is in fact little girls so one needs to be careful with what they pick there, but I would really love to see a fairy forest there. A really nice one with more than one tree, more than one fairy, with all the little woodland creatures and plants, with a fairy house or two in the trees.
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby Yegos » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:44 pm

To answer the first question, I have never bought a World Icon model like the Taj Mahal or similar set. If I did, it probably would be on sale and only purchased as a parts pack.

To answer the second part:

I've always wanted to see LEGO create more large sailing ships. Things that are more historical in nature such as the HMS Victory or the USS Constitution in minifig scale.

A historic castle in minifig scale. If LEGO can produce a Millennium Falcon in minifig scale, Carcassonne Castle can't be that hard. :)

I would also like to see more in the Market Street line. I absolutely adore that series and like someone stated earlier, I buy those sets to build and display and never break down.
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby Bruce N H » Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:33 pm

Dear LEGO,

World Icons:

I think the World Icons sets have been really amazing and would love to see these continue. One thing I would like to see is one of the world's great cathedrals, such as Notre Dame or the Cologne Cathedral. It's been 50 years since LEGO has had a 'church' set (sets 309 and 1309 from 1957 and 1958), probably because the brand did not want to alienate any part of the market, but the World Icons series is the perfect place for these.

One difficulty about the World Icons line is that they are all very high priced items. I think it would also be great to add a second series of smaller sets. Something more along the line of the Architecture series created in collaboration with Adam Reed Tucker. I am sure that LEGO is familiar with the work of Arthur Gugick, who has made a great number of world icons at a smaller scale: ... =torgugick
I could imagine a similar collaboration with someone like him.

Finally on the idea of World Icons, I've always felt that it would be great to have a series of small minifig sets based around world cultures wearing traditional garb. Different figs could come from different countries, like a Buckingham Palace guard for England etc. Think, for instance, of the animated kids you see on the Disney Small World ride. The popularity of the Collectible Minifig line suggests that such a line would be popular (indeed, the Mariachi from that line could be representing Mexico, and the mime's beret might be appropriate for France).

Other lines:

One line that I think is an obvious one is Greek/Roman myths. This would give great opportunities for heroes like Heracles and Theseus and monsters like the Minotaur. These are obviously stories that have survived and resonated with people for literally thousands of years, and, lest anyone think today's kids just won't connect, see the popularity of the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' books. Again looking at the Collectible Minifigures line, the Greek Hoplite is one of the ones that has many people excited.

Another line that I think would be great is fairy tales. This would have the advantage of appealing to girls, if my experience with my nieces and now my daughter are any guide, but would not be off-putting to boys as something appallingly pink. Another advantage to LEGO (similar to the Greek myths above) is that they can tap into well-known tales and characters without having to go into another licensing agreement, as these go back to the early 1800s for the Brothers Grimm, or, more appropriately for LEGO, Hans Christian Andersen. Speaking from the premiere LEGO Castle forum, I think both this and the Greek myths line would be popular among castle fans.

Finally, while I am generally opposed to excessive licenses, I did wish that LEGO had gone further with either the Spider-Man or Batman themes and extended the license to either Marvel or DC comics in general. There are so many great characters there to build sets around. As with Star Wars, these tap into a fan community far beyond LEGO that has been strong for decades. This is great as you get both adults and kids excited about the sets, as opposed to something like Ben10 that appeals to a specific age of kids but has little life beyond that. This could be done over multiple years, and sets could be grouped. So one year you have a series of sets all based around the X-Men, the next year a group of sets around the Fantastic Four, then the Avengers, etc. Or from DC, a year of Batman sets could be followed by a year of Superman sets, then a year on the Justice League etc.

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Postby Robin Hood » Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:12 pm

Well the only World Icon set I bought was the Eiffel Tower, and only that because I got it for such a crazy reduced price that the piece to price ratio was enough to justify it. I do not see me buying one of these sets brand new ever. Or at least not for many, many years. The price for them is just too high for me to spend it on them. And frankly, when it comes down to buying one World Icon set, or many system sets, the system sets win every time. The Icon sets just don't have enough appeal for me to ever want to buy them, even if I had the money. I do find the challenge of building such a large and detailed set somewhat appealing, and I will admit to having a fun time building my Eiffel tower. As far as they line goes, I think you guys are doing good. Something like what Bruce was suggesting would be pretty neat, but that would pretty much require a complete reboot of the line. As the line currently stands, it is as good as it is going to get.

All that being said, a USC castle would be something that I would definately have to seriously think on buying. The potential for it could be truly great, but it would have to really be something to make me actually buy it.

Dan :wink:
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby Blueandwhite » Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:00 am

I wouldn't mind seeing another set in the style of the MMV. Perhaps a tournament or a manor house. While I would love to see a proper UCS castle at minifig scale, I don't think such a thing is possible at a reasonable price. If we consider that Dan Siskand's tower house is made up of over 6000 bricks, then it probably should go without saying that a proper castle would cost an arm and a leg. Perhaps a small keep could be done without breaking the bank. Something like one of Stuifzand's small castles would be perfect.

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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby Username » Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:24 am

TBH I don't care at all for the monuments or architecture sets.

As for a castle UCS, I'd LOVE to see one. Going the 10188 Death Star route, I'd love to see a huge castle with detail interiors and a sound, defensible structure. Going the 10193 MMV route, I'd love to see a grand tournament with a stone entry gate, stands, jousting wall, practice equipment, and loads of accessories and minifigs including civilians, royalty, and knights & squires with barded & armored horses from factions exclusive to the set.
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby Frank_Lloyd_Knight » Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:49 pm

I have not bought any of the world monument sets, largely because of the size and the price just being too large to justify spending on myself. But I do follow them with interest, and will probably have to consciously restrain myself from buying the new Tower Bridge model. This year I allowed myself to purchase one large set just for parts. It was the Greengrocer, and it will remain unwrapped until December 25th.

As for ideas for ultimate sets -- one thing I've noticed that many talented MOC builders focus on is simply the landscape: Spectacular waterfalls, hilly terrains, cliff faces, seashores, and mountain valleys. Since I don't have the same talent, or the piece inventory to accomplish some of the beautiful settings I've seen, I might be tempted to buy sets that were just landscapes or waterfalls or such things.

P.S. After I finished writing my response, I read through Bruce's well thought out comments, and I think I would second nearly everything that he wrote.
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby Frank_Lloyd_Knight » Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:23 am

I wish this thought had occurred to me earlier, but the Ishtar Gate from Babylon might make a rather impressive model.
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby jgrahl » Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:04 pm

What excites me is models that my minifigures can interact with.

My model ideas would be:

A coliseum or arena with a battle taking place. It doesn't have to be The Coliseum in Rome. I would actually prefer it not to be since that one is always displayed in it's broken down state. They could include the trap doors under the main floor. There could be a few peasants to just set a style for them. We don't need 300 minifigures in a set. Though, I would very likely buy it anyway.

An Egyptian pyramid in all it's glory, not a half made one like in Scorpion Pyramid. Also, it would need to be ancient style without the archeologist, modern cars, and planes. The modern day stuff totally ruined Pharaoh's Quest for me.

Any ancient Greek building would be great. Even mythological would be awesome like a statue of Zeus between pillars or the Colossus of Rhodes.

It appears I like the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. That could even be the theme of a whole line of sets. But don't make them decayed and modern. The Colossus of Rhodes, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Mausoleum of Halicarnasuss, The Lighthouse of Alexandria. For more they could use the Library of Alexandria, City of Atlantis, a sphinx, a Roman theatre, and so much more. I want to see beautiful depictions of these places.

An Aztec pyramid, Incan pyramid, a Persian army assaulting a massive middle eastern encampment or castle.

Now for the modern world:

Dragstrip, 1/4 mile, 2 drag race cars, stands, maybe even a tree, time clock, and working racing with electronics.

Car dealership. It could have some nice cars in the showroom and a few on the lot.

Alcatraz? I know a prison is close to being real military which I don't see much of.

How about another street with stores that haven't been made before. We need buildings beyond the usual cafes, emergency services, construction, and gasoline.

Drive-in theater. All you need are cars, screen, projector booth, and a snack stand.

Late night dance club. Very easy, just need a disco ball, some laser lights, people, dance floor and a DJ.
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby Sir Osis of Liver » Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:12 pm

I'm not a big fan of the World Icon models. While they look great, they are too expensive to justify buying and too large to display in most homes.

While one massive UCS castle set would be well recieved, what I think would be more popular (especially to the CC fans) is a series of highly detailed castle themed sets that would fit together to create a larger fortress/village. I'm thinking of the detail and sizing of the Green Grocer, Grand Emporium, Cafe Corner etc, but set in the medieval/castle era. These style of sets with a $100-200 price tag wouldn't break the bank or the display shelf.
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Re: LEGO Direct to Consumer Feedback Request

Postby theboywarrior » Wed Feb 02, 2011 4:09 pm

A castle set would be nice, like a crusader's fort or something. now that, I would buy at the tip of a hat!
also, a Dragon Tournament with two dragons, dragon riders, and stands with cheering peasants and some guards. that would rock. also they could get permission from Christopher Paolini to do the Eragon series.

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