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LEGO Theme Survey

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LEGO Theme Survey

Postby architect » Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:19 pm

Hi Everyone,

The LEGO Community Team would like to know which themes you have always wanted LEGO to produce. Please post your comments here and I will pass them on to LEGO. Thanks!

Ben Ellermann

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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby boses » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:51 pm

I have always hoped for a D & D license...Any brick-built monster based theme would probably satisfy me...most fantasy monsters do not have to be licensed, so Lego does not have to get a license to make a D & D like theme...
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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby Legoorci » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:17 pm

I would like to have some ancient themes like romans, greeks... There could be included warriors, philosophers, priests (gods) and peasants
As buildings there would be possible: arena/colloseum, temple, harbour, big warship, olympus, trojan horse, aqueduct, land villa...
Maybe including some (brickbuilt) monsters as enemys for some heros or gods ?
There could be many subthemes like expansion e.g. colonies in africa, near east, britain, barbarian tribes and the god world.
In this theme there could be included everything I 'd like to see, especially peasants, women and black figs.

Nice to see that Lego wants to hear what its fans would like !
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Licensed Theme: Smurf Village

Postby Frank_Lloyd_Knight » Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:56 pm

One idea which keeps coming back to me would be a licensed theme for Lego to do a Smurf village. The new micro-sized gaming minifigures would be the perfect size for Smurfs, and it would be really neat to have some Phrygian caps for them to wear.
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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby Bruce N H » Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:44 pm


None of these is a new idea, but oh well.

Ancient Greece/Rome - Already mentioned above, but I just wanted to amplify it a bit. This is one of the most-requested non-licensed theme ideas among AFOLs. Recently the excitement over the Spartan collectible fig, hopes that the initial rumors of the Atlantis theme would be ancient Greece, and the excitement over the new grooved 2x2 round bricks (i.e. Greek columns) all demonstrate strong community interest in such a theme. This could go in a more historically realistic direction with armies, temples, chariots, colosseums etc, or a more mythic direction Pegasus, Cerebrus, centaurs, Medusa etc. There are tons of great MOCs out there showing just how great a LEGO line could be.

Fairy tales - Not Disney (though I suppose such a thing is possible with the recent broad Disney license), but all of those stories - Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel etc go way back and have no need for licensing. These stories continue to be perennial favorites, particularly with girls. This is a theme that could be very girl-friendly, but wouldn't have to be all about pink and lavender bricks and could easily appeal to Castle builders.

Both of these themes are ones that Playmobile has explored, presumably successfully. Not that LEGO needs to copy Playmo, but they have similar customer bases and show the possible commercial viability of the lines.

Comic book heroes - I am generally NOT a proponent of licensed themes, but either a general Marvel or DC license would be very popular. Not just limited to specific movies (as in the Spider-Man license) or even a specific character (since the Batman line seemed to draw from movies/comics/cartoons/TV), but the ability to go across the whole universe of characters. As with Star Wars, this license could tap into a well established fan community that spans decades, so you get both kids and their parents excited.

Circus or zoo - These have been successful lines with Duplo, I'd love to see them in System. As with Farm (and please, continue this line as well), these are a great way to introduce new fig-scale animals that would be popular both with the AFOL community, and also with younger kids who are too old for Duplo.

Wild West - This was such an outstanding theme and died too soon. I always argued that there should have been a third year with emphasis on civilian sets (covered wagon, homesteaders' farm, general store, train station (crossover potential into train theme). The new cow element provides the much needed missing piece from the older Western sets. Also, this is a line that could be boy-centric with gunfights etc, but could also be appealing to girls - think of the long popularity of Little House on the Prairie books among young girls, or the American Girls books.

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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby Elephant Knight » Tue Oct 12, 2010 10:07 pm

I'll just reiterate what I said on the cove:

Ahhh, I have a theme in mind that both adults and kids would enjoy, me thinks!

A Merchant theme!

Think about it! We have all these pirate ships, and Imperial ships and whatnot, but only one, tiny, itty bitty little merchant set that came in a most expensive base! So what the heck are those pirate supposed to pillage and plunder from?

A list of sets could be something like this

The large set, ($120-$150)* would have a port, with a small merchant vessel. The port could have two or three building facades (for easier play) a wharf, with a small rowboat with a pirate or two on it. Figs would be about 8, having three merchants, one soldier, one pirate, two townsfolk, and one governor dude. The three buildings could be a blacksmith shop, an inn, and a house. A church or a fort could be on the list as well.

The medium large set ($80ish) would be a merchant vessel, utilizing some new small hulls, with one mast (Think old Imperial flagship design) Would have 4 figs. Three merchants, and one pirate, who might or might not have a boat of his own. A raft might work.

A medium set ($50ish) would be a smaller version of the large set, but with only one building facade, and an even smaller boat. Figs would be about 3, with 2 merchants, and a villager. The building could be a repeat of one in the larger set, but a different one, like a stable (With a horse), or perhaps the port master’s office. Perhaps it could even attach to the large one, which could be modular (And perhaps in the style of the recent Soldiers fort?)

The small-medium set ($30ish) could be a small pirate boat, to attack that merchant ship. Would be around the size of the original Merchant ship form the Imperial Trading Post. Would have two or three pirates, and maybe a prisoner.

The small set ($10-$15) could be something along the lines of the Cario Ambush set from the Indiana Jones line. A small stall, with a large barrel, with four figs. Figs would be one soldier, one pirate, and two townsfolk.

Heck, there could even easily be two impulse sets. One would have a merchant, with some merchandise (Some food, a bottle or two, a crate to carry it all) and the other could be a pirate on a raft (Like the good ol’ days), equipped with a cutlass and flag, and perhaps some stolen booty!

Really, if a line like this was out, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it all! And I think it could go along well with the PotC line.

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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby Blue Moon Knight » Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:09 am

I like the superhero theme idea.
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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby timber_wolf899 » Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:03 am

The theme I have always wanted LEGO to make is Rome. Lego Romans are my number one all time want, no doubt, no contest.
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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby nanuck95 » Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:15 pm

I'll also cast my vote for an ancients theme such as ancient Rome, Greece, or Egypt. More realistic, or mythological, or maybe a blend of both, either way I think it's a winner.

Another idea would be a Sherlock Holmes type theme. Set in England in late 1800's there are plenty of great buildings, plus tons of ideas for mini-figs and sets based on the different cases.
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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby Athos » Thu Oct 14, 2010 3:48 pm

I posted my ideas at TBB, but I'll reiterate them here for discussion:

1. Greek Mythology: sets based around a hero battling a classical monster; similar to the vikings; i.e. Theseus vs. Minotaur, Perseus vs. Medusa.

2. Cavemen: similar to the duplo line with prehistoric monsters and cave dwellings

3. African Safari: with explorers, jeeps, animals and bushmen; maybe toss in some poachers for conflict's sake

With those being said, I think I like Bruce's suggestion of Fairy Tales better than any of my ideas. A return of Wild West would be nice too.

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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby Tedward » Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:50 pm

I have to say I have long wished for a Classical Greco-Roman theme and would support that suggestion as well as the call for a zoo and/or safari theme. I am surprised I have not seen a shout out for Steampunk - all kinds of Jules Verne-inspired fun for everyone!

I would like to propose a new sub-theme of/replacement for the Wild West theme: Alta California . The settling of the west and the California Gold Rush provide a wealth of settings and sub-theme possibilities from settler wagon trains to Mexican Haciendas. Almost a bridge between the Pirates and Wild West sets this could be economical as a lot of new uses could be found for prexisting elements in this theme - including the new sombrero!

I would also like to see the Prohibition/Mobster theme that was once under development revived. Bootleggers and the police and federal agents in pursuit provide a lot of opportunities for boats, cars, trucks and even trains and aircraft in addition to 1920's era buildings on which to base sets. Tommy guns are already available from the Batman line and fedoras from Indiana Jones are already available in other lines and in several colours. This would also tap into the apparent revival of mobsters as an element of pop-culture (ie:Boardwalk Empire).
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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby Kev » Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:08 am

I've always wanted a middle eastern theme, like arab caravans and oasis, camels and tents, a castle with a casbah marketplace. A lot of this has been done now with the Prince of Persia, but I think they could do even more with it.
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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby Dr.Cogg » Fri Oct 15, 2010 1:59 am

A Monster hunters sub theme where a group of Medeval Characters go from place to place saving villagers and fighting monsters (Sets are based on collectible minifigures). ($10.00 set , Dwarf Vs. Zombie Knight(actual Zombie minifigure not a skeleton) with new printed armor, set includes Dwarf,Zombie Knight with skeleton horse with Armor,and 1 villager in a bone cage with some weapons.) ($30.00 set Elf VS.Werewolves set includes Swamp with ruins and small prison cell ,some weapons,an Elf ,2 Werewolves,1 villager,some coins,and a chest.) ($50.00 hero Knights VS.Gargoyle, set comes with 1 Female Knight,1 Male Knight,1 Gargoyle,Tower ruins,1 villagers,some treasure and weapons.) ($80.00 set Good Wizard VS.Alchemist set includes,Good Wizard, Alchemist, 1 Male Knight,1 Ghost, 1 Villager, The Alchemist castle, lab, traps, weapons, treasure, and experiments.) ($100.00 set Villagers VS. Monsters, set includes,2 Villagers, Elf, Dwarf,1 Werewolf,1 Zombie, Gargoyle and the Alchemists Monster,2 small cottages,some animals,and maybe a small barn.) (Special Edition $40.00 Barbarian VS. Dragon ,set includes,1 Barbarian,1 two headed Dragon, small Volcanic Dragons Lair with ruins, 2 skeletons,1 Baby Dragon , some treasure,a chicken,some weapons.)
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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby gedren_y » Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:00 pm

One thing that would appeal to me would be minifig scale Neolithic Britain sites. Possibly a tie in with the rumored return of Adventurers, or maybe a line for Creator as models for the adult market. More than Stonehenge (which technically isn't a henge), there are thousands of stone age sites across the Bittish Isles to draw inspiration from. These would be part heavy, but the Creator direction would likely not require any new piece designs. The Adventurers route might require a revival of Vikings and Fantasy Era pieces in new colors or with new printed designs/stickers.
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Re: LEGO Theme Survey

Postby Quickblade22 » Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:33 pm

1) Comic Book Heroes - Pretty much repeating exactly what Bruce said in the post above. Something original or more generic would be refreshing though.

2) Wild West return - This theme is too broad to have been here and gone so quickly.
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