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Xena and Hercules

PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:39 pm
by stone forest
I'm bored and have started watching Xena Warrior Princess again, and so I'm just fantasising about what kind of Xena Lego sets could be created...

Xena, with sword and chakram
Gabrielle, with staff, scroll and quill
Joxer, with bent sword and large helmet
Ares, with sword and lightning bolt
Hercules, with broken pillar
Iolaus, with sword
Callisto, with sword
Autolycus, with grappling hook
Ephiny, with staff and crossbow
Hades, with sinister helmet and cape
Celesta, with candle
Aphrodite, with mirror and golden apple
Cupid, with golden bow

Animals and monsters:
Argo (Xena's horse)
Cyclops, with face that can be changed to blinded

Large Sets:
Village Defence: A peaceful village scene with market stalls and farm animals, that can be changed into a battle scene, with barriers and traps that release boulders to crush invading enemies.
Warlord Camp: A camp with banners, cooking fire pit, cage for prisoners, a forge, siege weapons, and the commander's tent with a map and treasure chest.
Amazon Village: A fortified village with archery range, practice dummies, sentry towers, stable, prison, and Queen's hut with throne.
Sisphus' Castle: A castle riddled with traps where Xena must rescue Death. Includes throne room, trap doors and rotating walls, and a sewer passage with rats.
Callisto's Fortress: A work-in-progress castle set, with scaffolding, tipping ladders and dangerous walkways, and a place to hang prisoners above a firey pit.
Temple of the Gods: A temple that can be quickly remodelled with different statues and decorations. Place weapons and dramatic torches to make it into a Temple of Ares, or put up some drapes and flowers to make it a temple of Aphrodite.
Underworld Palace: Gloomy castle with a throne room and large gate guarded by Cerberus. There is a dock for Charon's ferry, and portals with illustrated entrances to the blissful Elysian fields and fiery realm of Tartarus.

Re: Xena and Hercules

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:46 pm
by Bruce N H
Those sound awesome! I rather doubt LEGO would make sets as it's been 19 years since the shows were canceled (but, hey, nostalgia is a thing - they made the Back to the Future set 28 years after the movie, and even the Golden Girls LEGO Ideas proposal got enough votes to be considered (oddly, my wife would have loved that set as she loved that show as a kid) (even more odd, she sometimes watches reruns on some cable channel, and then my kids got hooked on the show) (seriously, one day I was in the kitchen and two of my kids were in the other room singing "Thank you for bein' a friend"!!!!!). Anyway, long digression, as I said I doubt LEGO would make sets, but these sound like great MOC ideas.


Re: Xena and Hercules

PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 3:32 pm
by rogue27
I think a series focused on classical mythology would be great; the Xena license is unnecessary, and perhaps unwise due to it's age. They could, of course, include a generic warrior princess character or use somebody like Hippolyta (in the Amazon Village), and Hercules, unlike Xena, existed far before the television show and no license is necessary.

The collectible minifigure series already touches on these themes at times, with mermaid, minotaur, and gorgon/medusa characters, along with various Spartan soldiers, gladiators, etc. The advantage of a theme, of course, is the buildings and parts for building within this theme. I'd love to see it. I'd buy them all as long as they don't use mini-dolls.

Re: Xena and Hercules

PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 5:55 pm
by Bruce N H
I totally agree, a Greek/Roman mythology line would be awesome. There's also been the Julius Caesar fig, Fluffy the 3-headed dog aka Cerebrus. There's a Pegasus in the Elves line, though I'd rather have a traditional horse body modified to have connectors for wings (like the Buckbeak element). You could have "fantastic" sets with monsters and gods and demigods, and also "realistic" sets with things like historical figures (e.g. the Caesar fig) or armies.

There could be a sub-theme based on the Trojan war.
Small set - Achilles vs Hector
Small set - chariot
Medium set - maybe a wall section with defenders/attackers
Larger set - Greek trireme sailing the wine-dark sea
Biggest set - Trojan gates with Trojan horse
Sprinkle key figs like Odysseus, Achilles, Hector etc in the different sets, or maybe also include Athena, Ares etc.

Next year do the Odyssey, with all the fantastic elements.


Re: Xena and Hercules

PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 11:47 am
by Bluesecrets
I think they missed their chance with this. When Percy Jackson was new and popular, they could have easily ran with this. That author did Greek, Roman, Eygptian and Norse mythology teen stories. He has Oriental mythology books that he recommends under a different author (his name is on the book though which is why I bought it in the first place). It's like before 7 am so I may be wrong...but I was pretty sure that Disney Published them. The movies they released were awful.

The collecti fig line has given some of mythology characters. That made me happy, but it just wasn't enough.

Here's hoping they still remember we exist and come to read.