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PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 5:59 pm
by Aliencat
OK so he's staying over there until after BrickCon, and then he's on his way to Sweden? I'm still a few people down the list but I got totally freaked out when I saw Elephant Knight had him, because on the list, I'm right under Elephant Knight, but it seems he's taken a detour. I was totally out of control I didn't know what to do, Harold coming over so soon already! I wasn't ready yet! I almost threw up a little! But now I'm reassured again, I still have time to prepare for the Great One's arrival :)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 6:02 pm
by JoshWedin
Aliencat wrote:it seems he's taken a detour.

Robin Hood and EK are brothers. Hence the personal delivery mentioned by EK. ;)


PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 6:10 pm
by Aliencat
Ah that figures! I guess I don't have to get ready for Harold's arrival just yet. At the moment I have no castle creation intact for him, well one partly castle one but that doesn't count, so I plan to build a really big castle after Legoworld, for when Harold gets here :D

PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:44 am
by Robin Hood
Okay, as the person who currently has Harold, let me explain things so that we all understand. I recieved Harold, did his week with me, and then contacted Ben for further instruction. Seeing as there had been some talk of him being at BrickCon, and that his next stop was on the other side of the world, I figured I should ask what to do before sending him off. We talked, and in the end decided to keep him here in Alberta until the Con. Immediately after which he would be sent off to Maedhros who is next on the list. But since it was at least two or so weeks till the Con, we figured that there was no point in having him do nothing, and since EK is my brother and I see him frequently, I passed Harold to him to look after until the Con. So make sense? I dunno if it was perhaps the absolute best choice that we could have made, but all things considered, it's about as good as it can get. And just to be clear, this was done with Ben's approval.

Dan :wink:

PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:06 am
by Tedward
^ Thanks for the update. Sounds like a very sensible plan.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:17 pm
by Aliencat
Then we'll have to keep a close eye on his route though, because according to the list Rogue27 still has to send him to Elephant Knight, but he already had him of course, so Rogue27 needs to send him to me, since I'm on the list after EK.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 7:29 pm
by Elephant Knight
Hmmmmmm, looks like I missed a whole lot of going ons, but it looks like everything is in order.

Aliencat wrote:Ah that figures! I guess I don't have to get ready for Harold's arrival just yet. At the moment I have no castle creation intact for him, well one partly castle one but that doesn't count, so I plan to build a really big castle after Legoworld, for when Harold gets here :D

Hey, the only castle thing I had built was that small yellow fort, and I managed to make a whole story out of what I had built. And that town looks pretty impressive.


PostPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2008 2:32 pm
by Maedhros
Harold hath arrived.

Stay tuned for the details... ;)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 8:30 pm
by Maedhros
OK, here comes Harold's account of his stay in the glorious capital of Sweden. And I'll apologize in advance for the quality of a lot of the pics. First and foremost Sweden is really dark this time of the year, and secondly my camera has some issues with focus but I chose those pics which highlighted the background rather than those who showed Harold against a blurry background since you all know what he looks like but I doubt you know as much about Stockholm ;)

Anyways, on to his own account:

Harold C. Castle, Oct 20-27

Safely ensconced in my DOOM-tube I've finally crossed the great seas and arrived in the Old World. It was all quite a shocking experience I have to tell you - I mean they don't even speak English here, outrageous, isn't it?

That aside I found myself welcomed by a most charming lady upon my arrival - and she actually spoke English!


"Welcome, dear Harold. I am afraid your host is away down in the Netherlands (at least I hope he is) so you'll have to do with me. I'm known as Lady Blue the Lesser but just call me B Junior, will you?"

With those words she gave me a tour of the home where I would spend the next few days. And that was all fine I guess...








Where's the LEGO?!

After the initial shock B Junior managed to calm me down though. She told me most of it was still in some weird place in the deep forests of western Sweden. However this eccentric owner of hers had brought some to Stockholm and after a bit of digging we found it.


"Quite a sad lot, don't you think?" she asked me, but I was too full of relief upon seeing ABS to really worry about how much it was. Before looking too deeply into it she had to give me a few words of caution though:

"You see, my owner has this obsession with Batman BUT he isn't satisfied with the official Batman torso and while waiting for a good custom one all the villains are running rampant here."

I didn't really quite understand this talk of flittermice, so to prove her point she showed me to a local bank office where some weirdo that she called "the Joker" was doing what he referred to as a "withdrawal".


"We have the SWAT of course, but they are just simple brutes. Don't stand a chance", she carried on as she continued my tour of the local LEGO population.


"You haven't seen the worst part yet though", she continued in her somewhat discouraging tone. "The ways of those villains have spread all the way down to our sworn enemies the trolls and the undead, and since we knights are far too proud to take to firearms we don't stand a chance. Look, here they are, negotiating on how to divide the spoils of war."


"Now, let's not get too deep into the negatives, shall we? Tell you what, we'll take a tour of the immediate surroundings now and tomorrow we'll take a look at the rest of Stockholm. Sounds like a plan?"

I really couldn't but agree with her since the LEGO society she had showed me didn't quite please me at all. So off we went. Apparently she got to borrow a car from this so called Batman but I am sad to say the comfort left a bit to be desired...


Our first stop was the City Hall.



I was pleased to see a castle of sorts, even though she told me it wasn't even a hundred years old. She told me a lot of interesting things about it though. Apparently they hold some kind of feast there every December for a bunch of scientists who have won some kind of Nobel Prize. B Junior has never been invited though, and neither has her owner...


The strangest part of it all was all the strange persons around though. They were wielding cameras left and right and spoke a tongue that was even more exotic than the Swedish. "Russians", B Junior called them. They seem to love this place. There are at least two busloads* here every morning, or so her owner says at least. She also tried to teach me how to say hello but I am afraid "Здравствуйте" still doesn't go well in my mouth.


After having a good look at it all we finally returned home though to get some good rest before heading out on new adventures the next day. A day which would prove quite hectic...

First stop was "Riksdagshuset" where the Swedish Parliament resides.


And then we went on to the Royal Palace. We saw no traces of the King though, apparently he keeps to another one most of the time.


After that we continued to "Storkyrkan", the Cathedral of Stockholm. She showed me quite an intimidating statue of St: George and the Dragon from the 15th century...


...and a pulpit that I found myself quite fond of.


Our last stop was "Stortorget" where the Stockholm Bloodbath took place some five hundred years ago. B Junior seemed to be really fascinated by the subject but I have to confess I was a bit unsettled by the fact that the Danes had slaughtered some hundred Swedish nobles here. Because, since I was made in Billund I'd techincally be a Dane, right? B Junior told me the Swedes have abolished the laws of nobility though so I hope that means I won't have to kill anyone.


She also told me that in the background you can see the Swedish Academy where those who decide upon whom is going to get the Nobel Prize in Literature reside. I have yet to read something of Jean-Marie Gustave Le-Cl├ęzio though, since my travels keep my busy right now. But perhaps, some day when I am settled in my home again... however, now the road beckons and I am on my way to my next stop..


*Actually the Russians beat some kind of record when I came there to take photos with Harold. There were seven busloads of them! Seven! It was so crowded it wasn't even funny :P Fortunately enough I just live some ten minutes walk from there though so I came back another day to take the photos.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 10:27 pm
by DARKspawn
Awesome, Jonas! I can't wait till he arrives ^_^

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:23 pm
by Donut
Nice pictures Maedhros, Stockholm is such a beautiful city!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:12 pm
by DARKspawn
Hail to thee, Sir Harold!

Hey everyone, time for a Harold update! I was lucky enough to recieve our gallant champion a few weeks ago but wanted to create something special for the little guy. Unfortunetly I have been pressed for time as my working year winds down before my Summer holidays so I have been in care of Harold for longer than expected - sorry about that ;)

Anyway, let me present to you, Harold's home away from home.

(Pic is BS link)

The Knight in white is my sigfig of course, & Lady Christine already has cake in the kitchen to celebrate the occasion. The MOC features interrior lighting, light up fireplace & the building is easily removed from the landscape & split in two to reveal the interior.

Harold is already packing his bags for his next adventure!

PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:26 pm
by Aliencat
That's awesome, I love that house. And great to see Harold had a great reception in the land of Oz.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:52 pm
by MrTS
How cool is that, haha. I really like the look of the house. Simple yet great looking. Also the light effects are very cool.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:34 am
by Maedhros
I was starting to get worried he never reached you ;) Lovely house I say, and I do think he must have enjoyed his stay.