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Delayed: MosaicBricks May Mosaic Madness Contest (32x32)

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Delayed: MosaicBricks May Mosaic Madness Contest (32x32)

Postby Forestboy » Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:49 pm

MosaicBricks May Mosaic Madness Contest (32x32)

So as many of you may not know, I run a blog called MosaicBricks, and we were doing this super epic contest, but then I dropped off the face of the earth :( , but I'm back and we're continuing on with the contest! That's right! :woo: There's no real name for the contest, how about, "The First Annual MB May Mosaic Madness Challenge (32x32)!" (TFAMBMMMC for short)

Official Rules and Guidelines:
1. The creation must be a mosaic. Hello? It's a mosaic contest...
2. For this specific contest, the creation must be a 32x32 studs up mosaic (No smaller or larger). EDIT: A lot of people have been asking to do not studs, up which I've said it's perfectly fine for people to do if they wish. I'd just like to keep it very broad to all ages of people. AFOLs to KFOLs. Which brings me to my next rule...
3. Contest is open to all ages.
4. Clone branded bricks are not encouraged. Please use only Lego Bricks. If one slips through, I understand. Just try to stay away from them. ;-D
5. You can enter up to 3 times, but you are only eligible for placing once.
6. Please use only new creations.
7. I reserve the rights to change any of the prize descriptions at any time for any reason.
8. The contest will be running for a lot longer for people to get their entries in on time. Contest ends 2 months from now on September 20th, 2011 at 11:59 PM Central Time (US)

All throughout the two months, I'll be doing a 5 part series on how to build your first 32x32 mosaic. It's not as hard as you think, trust me! First post is on the 28th (of July)!

1st Place:
-$15 Lego Store Gift Card
- Bunny and Pumpkin Polybag
- Your choice of any Two Collectible Minifigues (I'll be posting these soon)

2nd Place:
-$10 Lego Store Gift Card
- Choice of 1 of 2 Polybags (I'll be posting these soon)
- Choice of any One Collectible Minifigues (I'll be posting these soon)

3rd Place:
- $5 Lego Store Gift Card
- Default of the Polybag (I'll be posting these soon)

How you enter:
- Email me at with either pictures directly, or a link to your Flickr pictures, MOCpages pictures, Brickshelf Gallery, etc. with a short description of your mosaic and a title for it. You may also post it here, if you so desire. :wink:


Judging will be based on these three criteria on a 1 out of 10 form:
- Concept (33.3%)
- Execution (33.3%)
- Originality (33.3%)
And yes, I will be judging. :wink:

It's just a small fun contest for people to take part in. What have you got to lose? Get building!
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