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Fort Bricks

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Fort Bricks

Postby Athos » Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:24 am

This white-washed for marks the end of the pioneer trail to the west:


Walk around the walls to get the full respect due to this imposing structure. Now, before anyone claims this is not a wild-west town, an aerial view will show that, inside the walls, is a bustling town.

Each building opens up to show the interior. First, an essential for the long nights on the untamed frontier,]the distellry makes spirits from the still. And, after a night of drinking too much whiskey, check in at the infirmary for treatment. Once you've had a bit of the hair of the dog, hurry off to the blacksmith to get your tools repaired. Don't stay too long though, that hammering is murder on your headache. Stop off at the fort store to get your supplies.

Then its off to the guard towerfor guard duty. Don't forget to grab your rifle from the armory below. (Both towers are the same and both have armories below). Ah, lunch time, better check in at the kitchen to see what's cooking. Blast, Cookie hasn't even got the pot-bellied stove fired up yet. Guess you'll have to settle for a carrot.

Uh-oh, the boss wants to see you in his office. Whew, looks like he's busy. Better get back to work and maybe he'll forget about you. If you do a good job, you might get invited to dinner in the dining room... and, if not, maybe you'll have dinner in the cell. Someone left a lamp burning, better put it out so you don't waste oil.

Say... what's that Mr. Marshall has found has found? Probably just a shiny rock...

For more photos, check out the rest of the gallery.

At the beginning, I said this was based on a real fort; the MOC was inspired by Sutter's Fort in Sacramento CA. If you're interested, do a google images search and you can compare the MOC to its inspiration.

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Re: Fort Bricks

Postby Elbadar » Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:37 am

It's quite nice, and I love the feeling of having a whole community within the walls of the fort. The "day in the life of" style description is great fun as well, especially the drinking stuff :lol: . Cool stuff man.
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Re: Fort Bricks

Postby krzyzak » Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:54 pm

The fort looks nice and good story.
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