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Postby Surduk » Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:43 pm

I agree! We should try it - besides, this Cuusoo project is one big survey. To make such survey costs a lot, and they did great job on making it for free. They want to see what people want. It's clear when you vote because of the questions you have to answer when you're voting.. Never the less, I have few ideas, but will finish my micro castle first :)
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Postby Aliencat » Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:41 am

Bruce N H wrote:This is such a cool idea, but I wonder about some of the details.


Tim Courtland who works on LEGO CUUSOO explained a little bit at LEGO World in Zwolle, the Netherlands, about what they're looking for with the CUUSOO project. They're still trying to find out the details of which way to go from here, which is why the project is still in Beta, and they hope to use this Beta time to streamline how it will eventually work.

What LEGO is mostly looking for in CUUSOO, is getting ideas for sets that would attract customers who normally don't buy LEGO, for example the Shinkai sub is sold in Japan in shops for diving equipment, and it's selling very well to people who are interested in diving and submarines, but wouldn't normally buy LEGO. This is a little step for them to get into LEGO too, and as I understand it, that's the direction they want to take CUUSOO in, so they're really looking for sets that would sell well to a non-LEGO-fan audience and get them into LEGO too.

One possible scenario is, suppose I was an aquarium enthusiast and I make a LEGO aquarium with a coral reef and cool brickbuilt fish, and I submit it to LEGO CUUSOO, I then go onto my aquarium forum of aquarium enthusiasts and tell them all to vote on it because they, as non-LEGO-fans would like to have this as a novelty item on their bookshelf too.
Eventually my aquarium enthusiast friend buys the set if it comes out, and intrigued by "what you can do with LEGO these days" will buy more LEGO. Much like Star Wars has done in the past.
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Postby Lobberuno » Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:01 pm

Really really Lego(R) Cuuso is a very good idea :)

Active participation of Lego builders from all the world and the vote for the model to be published is a BIG step for TLG, and in this way let it knows good creations :) Also the 1% is a good quantity to buy more Lego, hehe :)

I just signed up as Lobberuno :) and just uploaded my archer training outpost idea :) a very small miniset

btw, Does the word cuusoo comes from the romajized word "custom" for Japanish?
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Postby medib » Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:49 am

If you have been watching the cuusoo site recently, it was "invaded" by Minecraft fans who are pushing for a lego theme.
I think they have already amassed over 4000 supporters, have caused the site to crash and "encouraged" Lego to update its
cuusoo servers and pause to already strongly consider a theme in this area.

Just thought I'd post that.
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Postby legoknight » Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:46 am

Hmmmmm..........maybe- just maybe I'll give it a try. But thanks for sharing this for this has just given me some great ideas!
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