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Some Space/Mechy stuff

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Some Space/Mechy stuff

Postby Ser Loktar » Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:17 pm

Hey all I'm still alive,
and life's been kind, I now have a camera. :D
I brought it into the LEGO room and looked around, then realized I'd need years to do all it justice, and as I'm busy I thought I'd start with the smallest, easiest corner of the room, my spacey shelf. So enjoy:

2061-With the advent of Chronostasis travel, the political entity known as Terra, including the homeworld of Earth and the colonies on the Moon, Mars, Titan, and the Outer Sphere launched an aggressive colonization campaign to populate any viable atmospheres or deposits of mineral wealth.
2207-The ensuing dispersion of humanity, and poor lines of communication and supply, resulted in bitter separatist sentiments in the Outer Sphere and Fringeworlds, and prolonged civil war, only ending with an inexplicable disappearance, in the fringe, of the only Separatist heir, apparently due to an unknown Alien lifeform.
2209-The resulting collapse of the Fringeworlds left the Loyalist forces on Terra with sole control of all civilized humanity, and the powers at be quickly formed the Terran Defence Initiative to reassemble communications with distant colonies and investigate the reports of Alien life in the far fringe.
2232-The TDI has established outposts on all but the most distant of the Fringeworlds but many worlds still host human populations cut off from higher command for generations. Occasionally these relic populations find the ability to mount inter-system travel and threaten nearby worlds for materials. There are also unconfirmed reports of an Unknown Alien Menace which leaves whole systems in ruin.
On a small rock hurtling through a distant asteroid belt, sits a small detachment of the TDI, the elite Deaths Head has sent Garrison forces to the rock to protect the large mining complex and industrial towns from any threats...
Here sits one of three more mobile units of the greater Battalion, the 27th Heavy Recon Squad, capable of operating independently for weeks on end, patrolling the unpopulated side of Asteroid 4M173.04.2896, affectionately called ForEm

Image is deeplink

Huntsman Medium MultiPurpose Mech (MMM)

Wolverine Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle (MPAV)

Timberwolf Armored Personnel & Assault Vehicle (APAV)

Bloodhound Light Recon Vehicle (LRV)

Doomsayer Tactical Ordinance Weapon (TOW)
With Support Infantry and Scorpion towed AA platform

So let me know what you think,
And I know this is a castle forum, I do have lots of castley related goodies to share, but my camera and I only work so fast and any castle stuff will take a weekend just to shoot, then resize. Oh man :spin:
Take care guys,
Ser Loktar

(sorry no time for multiple deeplinks, and can somebody tell me how to upload a pic as the folder cover on BS) :?
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Re: Some Space/Mechy stuff

Postby Knight Man » Tue Feb 07, 2012 3:27 pm

Cool! ~KnightMan~
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