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Bug Obliterator?

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Bug Obliterator?

Postby timber_wolf899 » Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:32 am

Just wondering if anyone out there has this set and if so, what they think of it.

I have the space swarmer , swarm interceptor, and star slicer but do not yet have any of the larger sets.

Now I absolutely love the swarmer. The interceptor is fun, has a sealed cockpit and looks nifty, but to me it falls short of greatness. Still is is a very nice little space fighter and I honestly may get another.

Now the star slicer.........Well the jeep is cool. The slicer itself looks great, BUT why is the alien in a totally exposed "hey come shoot me' seat??? Ever since my days of building futuron open cocpits on SPACE vehicles have been my pet peeve.

Am I nuts? Am I gonna be bummed out with the bigger sets?
Were you bummed out or pleased by them?

And as a total aside, i sit unusual to have Castle and Space as my number one and two themes?
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