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X-Mas Lights + legos = ???

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Postby Robin Hood » Tue Nov 16, 2004 9:21 pm

Well an idea I have is this.

I got about a dozen old keyboards to take apart. I did and as you know a key board has about three or four little green lights in it. So I rigged em up to a couple AA batteries and they glow! I was given a suggestion awhile ago about putting the lights in a lego town. Haven't yet but.........

If you want reallllllllyyyy small lights I suggest you get them.

Dan :wink:
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Postby LEGOFREAK » Tue Nov 16, 2004 9:55 pm

well you can buy those little lights at radio shack, plus all the stuff to make them work.
That was going to be another alternative.. but as David pointed out.. I am not going to drill lego. :D
but if I were .....
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Postby ACPin » Wed Nov 17, 2004 6:38 pm

I've used the smaller lights in Mos Eisley Cantina and didn't experience any damage at all to the bricks during the time I had to take the pics. No mods were done to the bricks but I had to splice the wires to get them inserted into the holes for the tables.



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Postby Scnicker » Wed Nov 17, 2004 7:49 pm

1000 thousand lights???
How big is your town anyways :)
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Postby jamitjames » Wed Nov 17, 2004 9:46 pm

Bricksidge wrote:Running off topic here, please keep all future replies on topic: the effect of lights on LEGO bricks.
Sorry about that, my bad.
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