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Lego Imagination Center Pillage

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Lego Imagination Center Pillage

Postby INTENSS » Thu Oct 09, 2003 1:58 am

Living in Daytona Beach, Im just a little over an hour away from Downtown Disney's Lego Imagionation Center. If you've never been there, there is a whord of Lego stuff for sale. New to me (must have been introduced in the past 4 months), was the loose bricks section. There were about 60 plus bays full of differeny Lego bricks ranging from bricks, flats, fences, doors and trees. How it worked was you either chose from a $12.95 large cup or a $6.95 small cup. Basically you get to cram as many bricks into these cups as you can.

Well, I looked over the assortment of bricks (mind you - they didn't have THAT many different styles) and decided on a large cup of 1x4 grey bricks topped with 2x8 grey flats and another large cup of 2x4 grey and 2x4 dark grey bricks (to be used for a mountain refuge for my Bulls army). I couldn't wait to get 'em home and see how I faired. From Lego, they sell a 50 count bag of 1x4 bricks for $6. So to break even, I'd need at least 100 of them. Well, I crammed in 155 1x4 grey bricks and another 48 2x8 grey flats into that first container and 36 2x4 grey bricks and 28 dark grey 2x4 bricks into the other. The first container I pretty much got the bricks at half price...the other came just a tad better than breaking even.

I'll have to go back and see how many trees I can stuff into the containers. Hopefully they'll change up the assortment from time to time as well. :D

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Postby dookie » Sun Oct 12, 2003 9:52 pm

Recently, on a trip to San Diego, I stopped by the Lego Imagination Center in Disneyland-Anaheim's mall. The Pick-A-Brick section using size instead of weight is full of value, but the brick selection doesn't even compare to that in Legoland. Brick selection consisted of mostly rare colors and I recalled that there was only about 30 different bricks to choose from.

Also, I noticed that the Black Falcon's Fortress was 49.99, a ten dollar markup from the price in the Shop-At-Home catalog. Other sets I looked at were priced at their "regular" shop-at-home price, like the Blacksmith's Shop.
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