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Any have info on making custom weapons?

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Any have info on making custom weapons?

Postby Fraslund » Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:15 pm


I am wondering if anyone has information on making custom weapons. I am interested in making some larger sized weapons like great swords and battle maces. I would also love to make some weapons from WoW like Thunderfury and Ashkandi as well as a buster sword and the dragon blade from Berzerk.

I dont want to open up a shop or anything, I would just love to be able to make a a few each for myself and friends.

I suggested some of these a while ago on the brickarms forums, but they really focus mainly on WWII and modern gear is seems. I love their quality but the Castle selection is very limited.

Also brickforge's website drives me nuts as they dont always have pics of their products and the site is hard to navigate. The best colors always seem to be gobbled up fairily quickly as well lol.

Some examples of my most likely wishful thinking....

Image Image



Obviously i have no regard for the fig being able to stand up without a stand, but hey I can live with that :)
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Re: Any have info on making custom weapons?

Postby pijani » Sun May 01, 2011 6:34 pm

Try contacting Woody, he is mastermolder when shapeways are in question, and always up for the challenge ;)
And please keep me informed, I would also like that kind of battle hammer ;)
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