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Castle customs forum - rules and links

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Castle customs forum - rules and links

Postby Bruce N H » Mon May 06, 2013 4:56 pm

Welcome to the 'Castle Customs' forum. This forum is devoted to all things involving paint, decals, sculpy, plastic molding, X-acto knives, Dremels, or any other modification of a fig, accessories, or other parts that doesn't use the elements as they come in a box from LEGO.* This forum includes such things as discussion of customization techniques, display of customs, discussion of products from customs dealers, etc.

We have allowed people to advertise their customs for sale in this forum (or you could always post in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum). We do have one request - please create one thread for your wares. When you come out with a new round of products, simply add them to the already existing thread - you can edit the first post in the thread to change the subject, alerting people to the new products. Thank you for complying with this rule.
-Quick clarification. If you are someone other than the custom dealer, and you make a new fig, for instance, with their product, you are free to start your own thread. This rule applies to those customs dealers that come up with new custom offerings from time to time.

Finally, a few important links for you:
List of custom LEGO shops
List of custom stickers
Minifig Customization Network and a thread discussing that site

*Please note - assembling official minifig parts in a new configuration is not a 'custom', but is rather a 'MOC', and therefore belongs in the 'Castle MOCs' forum.
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