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CCCXIV Cedric the Bull and Axl

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CCCXIV Cedric the Bull and Axl

Postby Purple Wolf » Wed Nov 23, 2016 6:22 pm

This is my entry for the Custom Castle Knight and Squire category.

ImageCCCXIV Cedric the Bull and Axl by Paul Joosten, on Flickr

Cedric lord of the Bull Knights sits upon his horse while is squire Axl hands him his lance.

I am most proud of his squire and yes his torso is switched out with a different one.

This entry required the following stuff.
-Sharpies (red and black)
-A silver ink pen thing. (Note sure what to call it.)
-A printer
-Spray paint
-pocket knife
-and a power drill

Hope you folks like them.

Purple Wolf :)
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