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Postby Stahlregen » Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:06 am

Well, hello everyone.

I made the mistake of mentioning that I collect castle minifigs in my bricklink "about me" page, and was promptly approached by some shady asian guy in the bricklink chat... and he told me I should register here, even though I protested that I can't offer much in the ways of building or other contributions and mostly lurk in the shadows. So I hope you are happy now, JP. :P

Well then, I suppose this is the part where I spill some information about myself - I'm currently 23 years old and have recently rediscovered my love of Lego. I live in Southern Germany, about 10 minutes away from the Lake of Constance. Generally, I'd describe myself as nice and laid-back (sounds better than lazy, eh?) kinda guy.
I grew up with the bricks, and originally I was mostly interested in the space sets - M-Tron, Blacktron II, Ice Planet, that kind of stuff. Castle came in second in numbers - I really never had much love for the themes that had to do with reality. About 10 years ago, I finally lost interest, and only gained it back a few months ago. While the newest Space incarnation was kinda 'meh' to me, Castle totally blew me away with the new Fantasy theme - armies of orcs and skeletons were just too awesome for me to pass up. So here I am again, playing with little plastic figures.

As I'm not much of a builder (and because my part supply is totally outdated and limited), I mainly focus on armybuilding. As I said, I'm mostly interested in the new 'Fantasy Era' Castle line, although I'm also willing to recruit my plastic minions from older themes that blend in well enough with the visuals. Currently I have about 20 Trolls, 45 Skeletons, and 30-ish Crown Knights and their allies. Plus all of my old parts, and I'm sure my collection will grow even more...

And that's it for now. Cya!
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Re: Greetings!

Postby smcginnis » Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:43 pm

Welcome to CC, Stahlregen! Have fun.

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Re: Greetings!

Postby Bruce N H » Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:27 pm

Hey Stahlregen,

Welcome to CC! We've got our spies on all of the different boards and are plotting to completely take over the Legoverse. Your armies are a welcome addition to our horde. :)

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