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BrickHelper v0.9 - a .LXF Inventory Application

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BrickHelper v0.9 - a .LXF Inventory Application

Postby Jeema » Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:32 am

Attn. Everyone:

The era of expensive Pick a Brick MOCs is over! :) I've completed an initial version of my LXF file utility program AKA BrickHelper. With this program you can load a creation made in Lego Digital Designer, get an inventory of it's parts, and export a Bricklink-compliant XML file that you can then upload directly into your wanted list via their wanted list upload interface.

Since this is sort of a beta version, it would be nice to to get feedback as to what else people might want in the application or want changed. Issues that I know if so far are:

A) minfigure inventory information doesn't really work too well and

B) some parts may come up as '(Unknown Part)' - this is mostly due to the fact that Lego has a habit of changing part numbers for no clear reason. There's a facility for mapping new part numbers to old ones via the 'master.txt' file that comes with the application, so any additional 'new part number to old part number' mappings people could provide would be appreciated.

C) some part colors may come up as 'N/A' when viewing the Bricklink colors. In these cases, there isn't any mapping from the Lego color to the proper Bricklink color, maybe due to the fact that the color is too new or obscure. Or because I just screwed up the mappings. :)

Anyway, here's a link where you can download it. Enjoy:
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