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A message to CC

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A message to CC

Postby Teherean » Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:18 pm

Hello everyone!

I was looking forward to this schoolyear, hoping to get good grades on my new level and to finaly be able to have some time to build for The CCCVII.
However, my grades havn't been up to scratch this semester. That is why my parents did what I think is the right thing to keep me studying: They are not allowing me to do any lego-related activities until christmas. (just for administration, this means that I won't enter the CCCVII while I said I would.) My parents allowed me to wrap things up on the forums everywhere, so this is what I plan to do in this thread.

I also cannot read any replies to this thread, or any thread at all. My parents will block any lego-related sites I often visit/am a member of.
You can, however, E-Mail me, as I allowed the CC forums to show my Hotmail. (if not:

I'll really miss my dayly visit to CC. I wish you all good luck in CCCVII and I'll ''see'' you again in December :D

With greetings,

Marijn Miller, A.K.A. Teherean.
AFOL, Brony, Yeah... I am a child at heart!

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Re: A message to CC

Postby Aliencat » Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:29 pm

You probably won't read this so I'll also send it by e-mail, but good luck with school and be sure to study hard, and you'll be back here on CC in no time, when your parents see your grades go up again.
The next event I might catch you at would be Goes in February, so be sure to have your grades up to the right level by then ;)
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