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Hey, I'm new here!

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Hey, I'm new here!

Postby Alex the Great » Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:22 pm

My name is actually Andrew, but my middle name is Alexander so that's why i have that name. I've recently come out of a dark age and is starting to get into lego castle and pirates again. I'm from Ontario, Canada and I hope to be an active member on this site. :wave:
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Re: Hey, I'm new here!

Postby Laird Cashman » Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:39 pm

Okay, well, this is THE lego castle place, so you're right where you should be. Welcome to the castle that is classic. :) Canada rules. -Laird
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Re: Hey, I'm new here!

Postby Napoleon » Thu Dec 24, 2009 6:52 pm

:wave: Hey, Alex, we put the "Great" in Alex the Great.

I finally beat Aliencat to the pun draw! Sweet victory! :roflol:

No seriously, I hope you have a wonderful time here on Classic-Castle, and enjoy yourself fully. Ever since I joined, I have been treated with respect and the Golden Rule, and I'm sure that you will be treated in the same way, and also treat others this way :wink: . Have a nice day!

P.S. What a great name, Alexander is my second favorite general.
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Re: Hey, I'm new here!

Postby Rick-Ricks » Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:25 pm

Welcome. Hang your coat on the peg next to the door, but mind the carpet it's new. :D
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