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Weekly Set Review: Dungeon Hunters

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Re: Weekly Set Review: Dungeon Hunters

Postby Ye Olde Republic » Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:58 pm

This is one of those sets that I mysteriously bought even though I was 17 or so and too cool for LEGO. For some reason I thought this had the nice red/yellow lion barding but I must have got that in another set. I remember building this set at my girlfriend's kitchen table and the more I think about this moment the more vivid of a memory it's becoming...sorry, I just had a moment there, one of those moments where you see a memory like you're watching a tv show..
Anyway, 20 years later and this is one of my few castle sets where I still own my original instructions which is quite a feat. I think this is a great carriage, there are lots of places for soldiers to stand when they are transporting treasure or important prisoners. The construction is nice and solid but there are a couple of spots where it could use some retooling, like the 1x1 plate/clip that make up the hinge on the doors; they do tend to rotate themselve on the 1x6 plate of the door itself. That's a pretty minor niggle if you ask me.
Even if you don't own this set, build it! You need to hold it in your hands and feel the weight of it and do the palm of the hand rotation to really appreciate this set. One of the last sets before LEGO castle started going downhill.

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Re: Weekly Set Review: Dungeon Hunters

Postby veevers24 » Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:16 pm

I think this was either my 2nd or 3rd set as a kid

I like the doors of the wagon and the horsewhip, plus you get a suit of armour to boot!
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Re: Weekly Set Review: Dungeon Hunters

Postby DerBum » Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:34 pm

I got this set when I was still a kid, that was a good summer because I also got the Kings Mountain Fortress around the same time. At the time I pretty much had every Crusader set (Lions, as I called them) produced up to that point. The white penant represented another grouping within my army, as the red and yellow penants from the Kings Castle and the red and blue penants from the Kings Mountain Fortress also did. I thought the carraige was pretty good and I remember capturing a lot of forestmen using these two Crusaders and a handful of troops from the minifigs packs that used to be available. I cant say enough about how great the difference in penant color was for me, because I eventually put this knight in charge of all my Crusaders from the various minifig packs and many smaller sets I had gotten with allowance and as stocking stuffers basically creating my field army (the soldiers that came with castles and particular structures remained assigned to those sets and didnt take part in my crusades against my brother except in defense). This set had a ton of playability for me. Although this is a larger set the new: Prison Carraige Rescue reminds me of the same general playability, although a bit more limited due to the way the factions are used in the newer set. At any rate, I loved this set as a kid so I give it at least a 9/10.
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Re: Weekly Set Review: Dungeon Hunters

Postby wunztwice » Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:34 pm

Bah! One of those small classic sets which still eludes me. At original price this looks to be an excellent little 'Battle Pack'. You get several figures, one of opposing force, a couple of horses, and Euro armor. Hard to beat back then!
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Re: Weekly Set Review: Dungeon Hunters

Postby Redav » Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:08 am

I rebuilt this set on the weekend as I'm sorting through my sets hunting down missing / broken parts.

This is one of the sets I'd have liked to have acquired when I was younger but it never happened. I managed to find one earlier this year. It's a reasonable set which you can have some fun with and what I'd probably consider one of the better practical carts. As someone who doesn't have a huge amout of sets, it has a coupla pieces I don't have many of however I'd probably use on as it was designed. The one I scored had the production error but luckily I had a spare from a Space set.

I don't mind it.
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Re: Weekly Set Review: Dungeon Hunters

Postby J_MAN » Thu Nov 25, 2010 9:42 am

Just purchased off ebay! It should be hear soon. I'm excited. :D
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Re: Weekly Set Review: Dungeon Hunters

Postby J_MAN » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:54 am

Just received in the mail today! It's really a great little set. After opening it and putting it together I would have to give it a 10/10! The only complaint I have is there should really be another shield for the driver of the wagon.
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Gong Farmer
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