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Weekly Set Review: The Knight

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Re: Weekly Set Review: The Knight

Postby DaleDVM » Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:51 pm

I find this set to be the perfect army builder impulse. Already mentioned is the ability to equip 2 soldiers from the same set. Solid grey legs and torsos are so cheap to come by that you can get a fig like that for 50 cents. Throw on the armor and grill helm and spear he's a man at arms. 2 well equipped crownies for $4.00. :D

The torso included is great and the head even though common has a great expression for a soldier.

The icing on the cake are the parts for the weapons stand. Not a single piece I don't need many multiples of.

I purchased a dozen in 2007 and at one point thought I should have got more. In hindsight considering how many crownies I got with all of the great fantasy sets I bought... I just didn't need any more.

On a seperate note: I think impulse sets are mostly for the purchase of a single figure. Impulse sets will have to be as good as "The Knight" to be used as army builders in the future. The battle packs seem to have a good amount of weaponry, armor, and shields at slightly less ($3.20 per fig) than the $3.50 per figure of impulse sets. Weak impulse sets are likely to sit on shelves unless they add something specific to the theme i.e. wizard, jester. I am sure this is why this set sold so well. I never saw one of these sets on sale like the troll impulse was.

The Knight is definately a 5/5 set.
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Re: Weekly Set Review: The Knight

Postby Jargon » Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:58 pm

One thing I really liked about this set was the lack of printing on the armor, thus enabling the soldier to generically fit in wherever needed. I would love to see a similar Kingdoms impulse.
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