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EB Review NEW Kingdoms Knights' Showdown

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Re: EB Review NEW Kingdoms Knights' Showdown

Postby DaleDVM » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:00 pm

The prison carriage is a great little set. Most of the draw comes from the great minifigs and accessories.

The armored torso on the lion knight is incredible and leg printing to match. This fig is not very customizable but it just looks great. I would never want to cover that up torso with Euroarmor. The prisoners torso is the most versatile of the bunch and a change in arm color can make this guy part of any faction you would like. I like the head printing and two of these are completely new to the castle line.

The accessories... The great helm with red plume and black spear I really like. A shield from each faction! The helmet with neck protector and a sword in dark metallic grey. Yummy! The horse, the barding, and horn are fantastic. The only accessory missing in this set is a saddle for the horse to increase playability.

The carriage build is rather simple and has really big flaws for holding a prisoner. There are no bars between the cage and the guy driving the cart. Maybe you can put the screaming head on the driver and his head on the prisoner who is choking him. Or perhaps he will just climb right out of the top. Now I understand making a proper carriage at this price point is probably impossible, but... all of the flaws in the carriage design could have been covered up by just including a pair of handcuffs. The open design would not matter if you cuffed the guy to the bars. Why didn't TLG think of that? :oops: To TLG: I am available for consultation on future sets.

The parts included are great for MOC use. Mostly made of plates this is a great set for small pieces. You can never get enough of the telescope in dark brown, flames, or dark green wedges for landscaping. The gold cheese wedges are new and perfect for dressing up those old crownie strongholds! The modified brick with clip in dark green is new as well, not as useful perhaps but new all the same.

All of this in a $10 USD set. Fantabulous IMHO and a good value since decked out figs go for $3 a piece and horses for $1 or more.

Overall I would give the prison carriage a 4 out of 5. I, of course, will be buying in multiples. Enjoy everyone!
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Re: EB Review NEW Kingdoms Knights' Showdown

Postby legokilt » Tue May 04, 2010 8:45 pm

I think this set looks pretty good. For such a small set it has a great selection of pieces. best of all obviously is the great helm. I can't wait til TLG makes it in light pearl grey.
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Re: EB Review NEW Kingdoms Knights' Showdown

Postby Heir of Black Falcon » Wed May 05, 2010 11:21 pm

You know I am a bit sad to see the orcs and dwarves move off into the distance but am really thinking the new sets look good. Better than average I'd say. I like the new heraldry (the lion knights will be another subfaction of my old lion knights), think the new helmets are awesome and the colors in general for the weapons and minifigs should add some more variety to my legoverse.

I am happy to have the new little catapult arm as this will be perfect for tower tops and such... in fact maybe I could replace some of the insane and massive ones from the 2007-2009 run, or the silly launcher from the prison escape set.

Looking forward to them showing up around here!

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