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Idea Book 250: Part IV

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 1:14 pm
by architect
Check out the final installment of our Idea Book 250 article! This week's topic is the Medieval Siege. You can see the Siege Ram, Knight's Fortress, Lion's Catapult, Trebuchet, Siege Dragon, and Siege Ram.



PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 1:49 pm
by cnelson
Very impressive. I'm not sure which I like more--the simple catapult or the decorated siege dragon. The siege dragon is quite fearsome-looking, and I don't doubt that a besieging force would decorate their creation to inspire fear in their opponents.


PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 2:15 pm
by Sir Vincent
I don't really like any of those sets except for maybe the alternative BFF and the Lion Catapult...

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 2:57 pm
by Emperor James
The first three are good, but the last few siege weapons are yucky.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 3:50 pm
by Formendacil
Well, I'm not sure that you saved the best for last. I like the castle, its really great (and I may have to make a few to serve as border forts, should I ever get enough pieces to do so), but the siege engines are only so-so. I like the dragon-headed one the best of them. It should really be re-manned with Black Knights.

Anyways, great job on the presentation. Can we hope to see more similar projects in the near or distand future?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 4:52 pm
by tanzirian
I am of the same opinion.

The castle is the best castle from the idea books - I wish there could have been pictures from more angles.

The siege stuff is only so-so...the official sets from the period look better.

Thanks Ben and Yaron for this nice series, hope we get more soon.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 6:59 pm
by architect
Can we hope to see more similar projects in the near or distand future?

Yes, Yaron and I have already begun a future project like this one. It is hard to say how long it will take to complete though. Atleast a month, perhaps longer. These Idea Book 250 articles are over a month in the making.

Ben E.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 11, 2004 11:23 pm
by Gumby
Wow! Looking at the thumbnails:


For a moment I thought you guys recreated the entire scene from the Idea book and even added the yellow sky and orange mountain background! Actually, now that you've built most of the individual models in that scene, you probably could!

*sigh* I loved those idea books, and I still do. Looking at those pics brings back a sense of nostalgia. The scenes that the designers came up with - THAT is what I loved about castle. You don't need huge castles (although those are nice too), it's the scene, with all the minifig activity - THAT is what got me hooked. Another fave of mine is (click for larger version):


I'm not so sure about the KK2 stuff now...