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Daily Set Review: Ghost Key Chain

Discussion of official LEGO Castle Theme sets and products

Postby lil Jon » Fri Aug 20, 2004 11:46 pm

Hmm, never a fan of the key chain...

But it makes sense to have a glow -n- the dark ghost attatched to ur set of keys... so you could find them in the dark.
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Postby wlister » Sat Aug 21, 2004 4:23 am

Aside for the nifty Wolfpack keychain, I haven't purchased any keychains. I will likely continue the trend with this one. As a fig I was never impressed with the ghost. I would have rather had a real fig in the sets that included the ghost. I did like selling 5 ghosts for $31.00 on evilbay a few years back. I bought a 6041 with the black sword with the earnings. :D

I will rate this based on the 7/10 I would give the Wolfpack keychain. The Wolfpack fig if it had been just a fig would have been a 9.5/10, but the fact it was a keychain lost it 2.5 points.

So the Ghost Keychain gets a 4/10. :D

I did say I didn't like the ghost didn't I. :wink:

After a long absence, I have returned. I can't wait to start building again.
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Postby Lady Val » Sat Aug 21, 2004 8:16 am

It`s a very nice keychain. (Or keyring as we call them over here. )

I bought several keychains on my last Legoland trip, but didn`t see this one which is a pity because I would have liked it. I didn`t see any good Castle ones at all! Though currently I`m using a Lego Santa one...with a leg missing...and the Santa figure after all is just Majisto in leisure wear. :wink:
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Re: Daily Set Review: Ghost Key Chain

Postby Jojo » Sat Aug 21, 2004 3:02 pm


Ghost key chain, currently available for $2.99 in the US

Yeah, today I got the chance to purchase this keychaine. Unfortunatelly I'm not in the US so they were €3.99. I decided I didn't need this keychain and bought some name letter packs 4677 instead. And a Pick-A-Brick cup with old light grey 1x4 bricks. And a thousand five hundred green Plant Leaves 6 x 5 (parts ref 2417).

Those keychains in general don't have much play value. It's like 0 (zero) in fact. After a few months in use they regularly need medical assistance (pic = link).



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Postby Webrain » Sat Aug 21, 2004 5:31 pm

When I first bought Merlin and King Leo keychains I really liked the idea. However since I used them after all this time they both look in a very poor condition. The idea of keychain for itself is cool however they made recently every minifig possiable so I decided I'm not gonna hunt them all only a few.

I have this ghost one and I like it. Infact as a kid in 1990 I use to take my Ghost minifg with me for a while cause I really liked it, so it came handy. If back then I had it as a keychain I probably would have liked it better. 14 years after the invention of the ghost minifig, he does not impress us anymore I guess, I still like him though. Basiclly I'm rating this as a minifg and not as a keychain so I guess the ghost gets in my opinion 9.5/10.

btw people right for a ghost keychain, it can light up which is great :lol:
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Postby Jyp » Mon Aug 23, 2004 9:31 am

Those keychains in general don't have much play value.
The idea of keychain for itself is cool.

I bought a Harry Potter keychain to my girlfriend. My aim wasn't to give her a useful keychain: she likes Harry Potter, she's not a Lego fan, Harry Potter Lego set are too big and too expensive to be given to someone who's not an Afol. So, a Lego keychain may be a cute gift for her!

Then, a minifig keychain can be put on a bag, in a car, etc. rather than in a pocket!
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