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Re: Battle of the Castle Sets: 6075 vs 6077

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:48 pm
by JCool
I just had to tally a vote for the Wolfpack Tower. Having owned the set earlier in life (vs. owning the Forestmen River Fortress later as life went on - i.e. late 20s) I might have a little bit of nostalgia factor kicking in, but my vote is based on overall 'feel' of the set.

For the Forestmen, the River Fortress feels a bit too big to be inconspicuous (secrecy being one of the tenants of the rest of their sets). While it's indeed impressive as a build I found it a bit lacking in the secrecy factor as there's really only one major play-ability feature (the opening of the back of the fortress). I do like the amount of figs and the inclusion of a Crusaders fig, but the overall design doesn't scream "we're hiding", rather it conveys a more "come and get us" vibe.

On the Wolfpack side of things, this seems to be the appropriate sized hideout for the outlaws. So much so that they even get a ghost (a former member perhaps or a captured dragon knight who has since passed on to the next life? - you decide!). From a parts standpoint there were some new ones offered (the slopes with the studs on them being key here) and the back of the tower opens up to reveal the interior from two points. Also the Wolfpack aren't afraid to let their pride take center stage as they proudly let their logo flag fly. The bridge leading into the back of the set also helps set the 'feel' of the set. Yes it wants to be bigger than it is, but it does a good job of giving the appearance of more size with a limited footprint rather than a large cylinder in the middle of a baseplate (no offence Forestmen!). :)