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Re: Your Favorite Castle Set Ever!

Postby NovelNinja » Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:36 pm

The Medieval Market Village is definitely my favorite. I've bought seven copies of it over the years as parts bags, and one is currently still in its box. Not because I want to sell it. Just because I'm saving it. At some point, I'm either going to display it as-is in a future, more roomy home, or I might incorporate it into a full display after sufficient time has passed to make it seem cool and retro rather than lazy.

Though that time might be coming pretty soon. I found a copy at BrickFair VA this year, with all parts including minifigures, pre-assembled in a tub (no box), being sold by my favorite vendor for a rather delicious price. I snatched that one up, and then stuck it in my medieval town display. Someone -- not a Castle newbie -- didn't even notice that the buildings weren't MOCs until I mentioned it offhand. I figured it would be obvious to everyone, but I guess when they're slipped in between MOC buildings and accompanied by landscaping and crowd and market stalls, it's easy to miss when you're not expecting it.

Seeing the set alongside my MOC buildings was interesting. I'd never put it side-by-side with my own stuff before, even though I used the parts and I try for a very similar Tudor style. The buildings fit, but it also made me realize that I could do even better. That set has a level of detail and amount of parts that went far beyond the original price tag. I wish we could do more of that stuff rather than the crappy Nexo Knights.
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Re: Your Favorite Castle Set Ever!

Postby btfu149 » Tue Apr 12, 2016 3:35 pm

6086 is easily the best IMO, I love all the cool unique pieces, the massive amount of figs and the design in general is just awesome.
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