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Toy Fair NY - almost no castle :(

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Toy Fair NY - almost no castle :(

Postby Bruce N H » Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:39 pm

Hi all,

I've been digging through various Toy Fair NY 2020 coverage. Sadly, there's very little castle content.

As Rogue already noted, the upcoming Collectible Minifig series has two castle figures - one knight in armor and one viking. There's also a pirate woman and a karate man who are at least somewhat relevant.

If you don't mind minidolls, there are some Disney Princess sets that have useful castle-y parts. There are normal scale sets and also some half-scale "Storybook Adventures" sets like this one:
I hadn't seen these half-scale minidolls before, but that photo is from December so I guess these came out a little bit ago. I was surprised to not see more Mulan stuff. There is one Mulan Storybook Adventure set, and while I didn't see this one in the Toy Fair coverage, Mulan's Training Grounds is currently available on

If you want to go with Asian-themed castles, you can find some useful parts in this Minions (I know, don't shoot me) set:

With its mashup of futuristic and traditional styles, Ninjago has always been hit and miss for more traditional castle builders. The sets I saw in the Toy Fair coverage were mostly from the mech-and-vehicle style sets, though there was this small set, which is already in stores it seems:
We know from the Nuremberg Toy Fair coverage that there will be additional Ninjago sets coming out this summer. Hopefully there will be some more castle-friendly fare like last year's Monastery of Spinjitsu

Anyway, that's what I see. Of course there are parts and figs here and there that could be used for castle, and bricks are bricks, but not a lot of love for us. Probably the biggest plus for us in recent and upcoming releases (aside from the CMF lines, which usually give us an interesting fig or two) is for builders interested in vaguely Asian-themed castle building, as there are useful elements there across multiple themes.

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