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Weekly Set Review: Viking Voyager

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Re: Weekly Set Review: Viking Voyager

Postby quaraga » Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:12 am

the whole oars vs spears, if they had used/had oars then the ship would have needed a weapon storage facility. the set size is great it does any longship proud. as for sea serpent vs viking voyager the one thing left out is that the sea serpent has 1 oarsman and relys on a square sail the square sail cannot be used to tack with (according to my 5th grade history textbook) and thusly the 3 oarsmen (maybe 4 if the dude in the aft used his oar spears) and the streamline shape of the voyager would let it run circles around the clunky ship with one set of oars.

again being too real-life with legos
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