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Weekly Set Review: [Royal Knight's Catapult]

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Weekly Set Review: [Royal Knight's Catapult]

Postby architect » Sat Jan 15, 2005 4:15 pm

Join the weekly Classic Castle set review discussion. Please post your opinions on the set play ability, piece selection, design, etc. Which sets stand up to our catapult of critique and which ones crumble in shame!

This week’s set is 1843 [Royal Knight's Catapult].

Royal Knight's Catapult was released in 1996 as a part of the 1843 Space/Castle Pack. The catapult comes with one siege worker, stone shot, and accessories. This set was only released in the United States.

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Postby Thrall1138 » Sat Jan 15, 2005 4:19 pm

This set seems more realistic then some of the other catapults TLC has made, the only thing I don't think looks right is the tube at the top because it seems to spacy looking to me. This set provides a god mini-fig with a good weapon and is also a good way to get a large and triangle sheild. I was never able to get this set, but if I could now I would snatch it up right away.

Rating: :D :D :D :D :) /5
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Postby Jojo » Sat Jan 15, 2005 4:26 pm


This is what the royal king (is it possible that a king is not royal?) bases his power on. That's the foundation of his regency. With this catapult he conquered his realm. It's the only seige machine of the Royal knights....

It's a peculiar set, it was combined with a Spyrius set, there's only one instruction booklet for the two models in this set. I kind of like the colour scheme of the catapult (blue is my favourite colour), otherwise it's not too great.


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Postby TwoTonic Knight » Sat Jan 15, 2005 4:33 pm

Just another run-of-the-mill catapult that was set up more for finger power than looking like the real thing. One rather average figure - catapults this size usually come from LEGO with two figs. There's not much to particularly recommend this set unless you have a need for the parts or yet another catapult.

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Postby ottoatm » Sat Jan 15, 2005 4:36 pm

I was never able to get this set, but if I could now I would snatch it up right away.

Same here... I look for it often on e-bay or what-not, but never come across it. I didn't know it was only included with another set though, that explains something. Either way, it seems odd that it was the only seige machine for the Royals.

I do like it, but I think it's a bit odd overall - the little black tube on top and the basic color/construction overall. Oh well - 7/10.
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Postby Lord Mikal » Sat Jan 15, 2005 5:33 pm

Oh, this is where I got my white flag from! I had been wondering about that...

In my opinion, the spyrius set this came with is a lot better than the catapult. The catapult has the nasty tendency to come apart every third shot, and the hinged bucket always manages to put the shot right were you don't want it. The extra shield is pretty sweet, though.
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Postby Sir Dillon » Sat Jan 15, 2005 6:10 pm

This is a O.K little set and has some nice pieces in it. although mine always seemed to fall apart when I shot it

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Postby ezehogan » Sat Jan 15, 2005 7:11 pm

I just put this set back together again a few nights ago and was thinking about what I would say if it were reviewed here. Little did I know that the opportunity would come so quickly!

I got this set back when it was first released, as I was a big fan of both Spyrius and the Royal Knight's at the time. I needed this set to keep my complete collection of Spyrius sets, and I really wanted the extra Royal Knight and axe. I was very happy with this set when it was first released about nine years ago now, and I am still pleased with it today.

Besides the tube (and the fact that you need to use your finger to fire it), this is one of the more realistic catapults that has been released. I like the fact that the catapult has a mechanism in front to keep it from moving while being fired, as well as the storage area within for the ammunition.

Besides this however, there isn't really anything to breathtaking or special about this set. It serves its purpose well, but there have been many catapults in the Lego line that can compete with this one, and I'm sure we'll be seeing many, MANY more catapults in the future...

7 of 10 by itself, but 10 of 10 when combined with the Spyrius set.
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Postby Silent Arrow » Sat Jan 15, 2005 8:03 pm

A lego set is really good when its design is beautiful, difficult and when you can't build it without a plan. Although this set looks nice I can't find a reason why to buy it when you can build it with your own bricks and your eyes closed........ I believe that the sets with siege machines which were produced between 1987-1990 were better than this set. But all these don't mean that this catapult is bad.
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Postby Jojo » Sat Jan 15, 2005 8:41 pm


Silent Arrow wrote:I can't find a reason why to buy it when you can build it with your own bricks

So how many blue 2x6x1 arches do you have in your collection? ;)

I believe that the sets with siege machines which were produced between 1987-1990 were better than this set.

Why do you exclude the great Catapult (6030) and Siege Tower (6061) from 1984?


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Postby Blueandwhite » Sat Jan 15, 2005 8:41 pm


This doesn't do anything for me. There were enough mediocre catapults before this one. The pieces aren't great, and the Royal Knights figures were one of the reasons I went into my Dark Ages.

Average Set,

Awful Fig,

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Postby TheOrk » Sat Jan 15, 2005 9:19 pm

I say the catapult would be average. Nothing to specail about it. I love the Royal Knight. 9/10
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Postby kajo163 » Sat Jan 15, 2005 9:28 pm

I like the royals too! Best coat of arms for a long time.

As for the catapult, as some of you've said: It's really not that special. And that soldier looks very suspicius...Nothing like the other ones.

Why is ther a space hose on top? Looks stupid...

Not good.

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Postby Commander Redbeard » Sun Jan 16, 2005 2:16 am

Nothing so great except the fig and some of the bricks, but a nice little set. I always had a soft spot for little catapults... I still have the three I got from Vladek's Attack lying in some box, still fully assembled... The blue arches are nice, and I like the gimmock to stop it rolling forward. Overall, 7/10.
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Postby Wilod King » Sun Jan 16, 2005 9:48 am

Well, this set came out just as I was going into my dark ages. I never had it, but it looks like a neat set. I don't personally have any catapult sets, before KK2. I'm not a big fan of the faction, I think the hearaldry had gone down hill after the dragon masters, whick were my last acquisitions before going dark. I like the design and the extra shields, although I agree the piping is strange. The breaking mechanism in the front is a nice idea, especially with it being on wheels. I can't well rate it, never having had it, but again the 80's rocked for lego. 3/06/80. I would gladly take the set if it were given me, but as for purchaseing, it's not for me.

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