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Weekly Set Review: Traitor Transport

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Postby Webrain » Sat Feb 05, 2005 9:57 pm

I like this set, well I never hated the FK like all of you. Anyway it's pretty decent waggon, it's the biggest one brickwise. The color scheme of gray/red is not the best I admit. The wings of course is funny but they fit the FK motif. The best thing in this set is of course the barding. I don't thing that the "Traitor" word in the title fit. Unlike others said the minifig in the prison is of course from the RK. You can get some good bricks, some red arches which are not that common. I admit it's not the best looking waggon and a bit fantasy and not real.

Overall 8.5/10.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Sat Feb 05, 2005 10:35 pm

I don't own this set, but I have to agree with everyone else that this is probably the best set of the FKs.

If it went for $20 or less today I would buy it, simply because of barding, figs, black dragon, black wings and decent parts. The design of the cart is hokey, but would look much better by simply removing the wings.

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Re: Weekly Set Review: Traitor Transport

Postby SavaTheAggie » Sat Feb 05, 2005 10:39 pm

I know who the traitor is in the Traitor Transport - the horse


I mean, look at the expression on that horse's face. Its' head's upright, its' eyes opened wide. It's as if he's saying "Oh crap, I've been ratted out!"

It's obvious, the wagon is headed over to where the Batlord is to pick up his horse.


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Postby Commander Redbeard » Sun Feb 06, 2005 12:28 am

If you trim off the wings and little accessories from the cart, I actually might attatch a horse and keep it in one piece. The barding is, in my opinion, the best one TLC has made. It can be used for any faction, and is fairly historically accurate. Does the driver have the Fleur-De-Lis
tunic? I wish I had one of those... I like this set. The cloak, horse-traitor, and accessories would defenitely bump it up a few points, so, overall,

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Postby Jojo » Sun Feb 06, 2005 12:53 am


This was the only Castle set I actually bought in 1997.

Designwise: Forget it.
Partswise: Great.

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Postby Cyclonis » Sun Feb 06, 2005 1:51 am

i like this set, but i never really got around to buying it.
I would buy this set for the grill helmets, the batlord, the dragon, the other minifigs and the horse and accesories.
The over-detailness is good, because it comes with alot of unique peices, but the problem with my collection, is that i have too MANY unique peices, and not enough good bulk bricks to make castles and houses etc. with. But i would still buy this set if it was still out.

I didn't buy it because i didn't have enough money for my age, lol :cry:
I wish i did buy it, though. I really like that cape on batlord.
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Postby bannear » Sun Feb 06, 2005 6:51 am

I think this is a great set if you are going to use the parts. The dragon pulling a cart is not such a great Idea and the wings look somewhat out of place on the cart, but I used them on my Seige engine, so they had a place to go - but maybe they just look silly there ... I love the Barding and wish I had more than one - the fright night figs were good to feed to my scorpion ...
I would give it 8/10
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Postby Teh Stud » Sun Feb 06, 2005 6:15 pm

I never really liked the Fright Knights sets. They were horribly designed and seemed to be just a bunch of parts thrown together. However, many of the parts were great!

The best barding ever created, (no faction, thus more flexible).
The awesome Fluer de Lys torso. In my opionion, one of the best torsos ever created.
The horse head armour.
The large wagon wheels.
The inverse red arches! Great for hobbit doors.....

Except for the dragon and extra wings, almost every piece is usable.

Of course if it was available today I would buy the pieces on Bricklink to avoid having too many dragons. :)
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Postby Luís » Mon Feb 07, 2005 10:37 am

It's a great set, I have it.
All pieces are great.
Shelved bricks(???)
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Postby jwcbigdog » Mon Feb 07, 2005 12:41 pm

As much as I hate Fright Knights, I had this set and didn't mind it. Mine came with the mountain, which is kind of interesting, but I used all the pieces in it without any problem. The fleur-de-lys torso is really nice, and I am always after more wagon wheels. Not a bad set at all, aside from the design. 7/10.
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Postby Jyp » Tue Feb 08, 2005 1:45 pm

For a fanstastic set, it is not too bad and it has a good playability. About the design, why not?... but I don't understand the wings on the wagon!!

I like the silver sword and the two "classic" minifigs: the walker (even without lance or sword) and the driver.
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Postby Blueandwhite » Wed Feb 09, 2005 3:30 pm

Jyp wrote:For a fanstastic set, it is not too bad and it has a good playability. About the design, why not?... but I don't understand the wings on the wagon!!

I like the silver sword and the two "classic" minifigs: the walker (even without lance or sword) and the driver.

Well, I always thought that the "wings" were to allow the wagon to fly. Afterall, this cart is being pulled by s dragon :roll: . I mean this line did include some pretty stupid set designs!

Again, this has got to be one of the silliest sets ever created.

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Postby geekman » Fri Feb 11, 2005 6:01 am

I really liked this set when I got it way back when. Having a dragon in ANY set is a real plus for me. I like wagons, and the only other one I know I have is Wolfpack Renegades, also a fun set. I used play with this thing, would use it to take some poor Royal Knights to Batlord's tower dungeon. I liked most of the Fright Knight series, I own several of the sets. But I WAS 11 when they came out. Yes the bat wings on the cage (I believe it was removable) weren't necessary, and do have a tendency to fall off. but all in all, I think it was a pretty fun set, I even made use of the "cave" it came with, and I still have it somewhere in my closet with all my Star Wars and Transformers stuff.
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Postby Lord Brian » Sun Oct 26, 2008 4:51 pm

too many wings on the cart. the dragon doesn't really fit for pulling the cart, but everything else looks pretty good. Plenty of useful pieces for parting out.
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Postby Old_School_Fan » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:23 pm

Fairly ridiculous design, but then again I think the whole point of the Fright Knights was to be ridiculous. Overall I think it fits in pretty well with the faction. Dragon powered, bats, wings and various other Fright Knight staples. I recently picked one up with the plastic cave. Up against a wall you can almost imagine the cave protruding out. I always wondered who the traitor's true faction was, and eventually decided that he was a Royal Knight, being the most recent faction with that torso.
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