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Weekly Set Review: Axe Cart

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Postby kajo163 » Sun May 29, 2005 4:20 pm

Well, maybe for the soldier and the two axes.

Kind of a crappy weapon, that only works down hill, is'nt it? :)

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Postby TwoTonic Knight » Sun May 29, 2005 4:21 pm

Jojo wrote:Hello!

Actually I don't know what I'd possibly say about that set except "I don't like it." It's boring, blatantly unrealistic and ugly. Not even the always winning criterion "armybuilder" is able to convince me.


I'd say the magic word (Parts), but at $3, I gave this bull-ugly set (you know which key I really wanted to hit twice instead of "l" 8)) a wide berth. I'll give it a grudging 3/10 as long as you can find it on deep discount for the parts and fig (sans head).
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Postby ezehogan » Sun May 29, 2005 5:43 pm

Someone would have to give me this set for me to add it to my collection.

I don't like the soldier, I don't like those big grey axes.... the only things useful are the wheels, spear, crossbows, and flag. I have plenty of all of those pieces except the wheels, and I don't have any intention of getting them any time soon.

The bottom line here is that the design is awful and, for me, the pieces aren't even useful.

2 of 10.
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Postby lil Jon » Sun May 29, 2005 6:42 pm

This set has a poor design. I personally don't like the bulls, I don't own any and I don't want to own any. If one thinks that this set is a great army builder, I would agree but I have no desire for an army of bulls. The only good thing about it is the big wheels, they would be great to use on an MOC.

I feel sorry for the solider because he has too many weapons to operate. If he were ever in a battle, I think he'd be overwhelmed.

If all else fails, he can use his contraption to trim bushes or mow the grass. :D
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Postby Lord Mikal » Sun May 29, 2005 6:42 pm


This would have been a much better set had it included another minifig, and a different face on the one it came with. I personally like the halberds, but I'd much rather have bows than crossbows as offensive weapons.

So yeah, half-decent for parts, but there was no excuse to put them together that way. Alas, this horrible type of seige weaponry led the way for KKII...
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Postby bannear » Sun May 29, 2005 8:25 pm

I think this is good for parts only - but not great as an item for play
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Postby Troy T. Moore » Sun May 29, 2005 11:55 pm

I found 6 or 8, I can't remeber now, in the toy section of the local True Value store where my dad works. They were red stickered at $1.48CDN...So I took them all home. Parts and the fig was all I was interested in.
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Postby Bruce N H » Mon May 30, 2005 1:31 am

Hmm, I guess I'm swimming against the tide on this one. I found these on clearance and bought out the shelf (about 14 of them). At the time I needed a bunch of the brown 4x4 rounds for tree trunks (Fangorn forest), it gave me a pile of weapons, and except for the silly head (which, anyway, who cares? I've got tons of heads I can swap out), I like the soldier, so it built up another little faction for me. Sure, the set design is dumb, but I thought it was a nice little accessory pack.

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Postby g2 » Mon May 30, 2005 1:43 am

This set has a great set of ‘heavy wheels’ which you can use to build your siege equipment – but that would be my only positive comment about this set.

I am not a fan of the minifig included in this set. But he could be used in my ‘evil bandit’ army, which is a collection of odd soldiers – with evil looking faces.

I am not really sure what the set actually is – it is very confusing indeed??

Overall I would NOT buy this set and I would rate it 2/10.
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Postby Tycho McKorley » Mon May 30, 2005 7:18 pm

I purchased 30 copies of this set in order to build an army of the Bulls faction. The set itself is quite silly, but I appreciated the minifigure.

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Postby ottoatm » Mon May 30, 2005 8:33 pm

that must be sweet army! shoot... i'm a little jealous - and I'm only a small bulls fan. :?
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Postby Teh Stud » Tue May 31, 2005 2:57 pm

Lego could have put a lot more thought and creativity into this set. It looks like they were just trying to get rid of spare parts.....
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Postby Norro » Tue May 31, 2005 5:17 pm

We seem to be reviewing all 'army builders' lately. As I'm not a big army builder I am not such a fan... but despite the design this was the first castle set I saw since 'fright knights' (ninja aside) and it gave me hope...

If I had known the next siege 'thingy' would be pushed by a jelly-bean there is no knowing how many I might have panic bought!

God Bless,

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Postby Suvied » Fri Jun 03, 2005 8:02 pm

I like this set. I ended up getting about ten of them as the price was right. One in an army is weak but lining ten up in a cresent shape makes an excellent calvalry barrier. I always imagined the Bulls as a poorer group not being able to have many horses or castles and thus forcng the to build mobile defenses and seige weapons.

I would get more of these if they were still available.
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Postby Sir Dano » Tue May 27, 2008 2:12 am

Halberds, crossbows, oval shield, Dragon Masters Helm*drools* what more can you ask for in an army builder?
If only I hadn't of been in a castle dark age when this set came out... :(
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