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2006 Minifig Set Pics

PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 11:32 pm
by Sir Kohran
Today was a half-day at school, so I went into town to visit my local Brand Store. Once there, I found they were selling none other than the 2006 maxi-figs. I instantly bought Sir Adric (the red guy) right before my bemused friends' eyes.

Now if you remember from this thread, there's always a picture of the minifig sets inside the maxi-figs' instruction booklets. Sir Adric was the same.

So, I scanned the image and uploaded it to BrickShelf. Thus, here it is. The KK2 sets of 2006.

Enjoy! Now all we need are Viking scans... :wink:

PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 11:36 pm
by Kanduu
Sigh, it's not public yet. I guess I'll have to check back later...

PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 11:37 pm
by Sir Kohran
Kanduu wrote:Sigh, it's not public yet. I guess I'll have to check back later...

Don't worry, I changed it to a deeplink (I think).

PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 11:42 pm
by Lord_Of_The_LEGO
Interesting...looks very dark. Pity there's no upclose pictures of the figs. That ship looks...twisted. Like those ships from LOTR. Interesting use of Dragon wings. I eagerly awat better pics.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 11:52 pm
by Blueandwhite

Finally we're getting armour in conventional colours. On the other hand, it looks like we're getting no new helmets. I can see Danju's helmet in flaked metallic colours, but I can't make out any new helmets. Still, the picture is unclear, so anything is possible. Overall, these figures are a major improvement on KKII yr 2.

I hope there are smaller sets though, as I don't want to shell out alot of $$$ for these guys. The set designs still aren't doing it for me.

Overall, looks like its going to be a good year (if money isn't an issue).


PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 12:04 am
by Kanduu
Hmmm, I'm not especially impressed. I was kinda hoping for more of a sea thing (with Jayko, I think, since his kingdom was on the sea?), but not that kind of ship.

It all looks a little too dark, combined with the speckled armor, which I like, the whole thing seems a little too, dare I say it, MB to me (hating to say the awful word). And what's with the hanging skeleton?

I'll have to wait for better pics before I pass final judgment.

Bring on the Vikings!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 12:55 am
by E of Alshire
It all looks a little too dark

And we're complianing... why? I thought we wanted less of the happy-go lucky Sir Rascus adventures...

I like these, the ship especially. I'm going for that just for the wings, even...

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 12:56 am
by Sir Terrance
Thanks for the picture!
It seems every year TLG gives the knights less and less color, so only a few more years until full silver armor. :P
I hope those aren't all the sets, there doesn't seem to be too many...

~Chris Perron

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 1:29 am
by Athos
Interesting pic... I'm not yet able to agree with Lenny, that I'm excited about them. I'm willing to go as far as somewhat interested... but not excited.


PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 1:30 am
by architect
Thank you for the leaflet scan.

What I like: I like the large amount of grey pieces in the sets. They do not appear to have the quantities of white, blue, etc bricks mixed like earlier KK2 sets. This is a good thing. I also like that there are not many poops - I can count 4-5 in the pictures. The sets do seem to have quite a few 1x3x5 and 1x2x5 poops which are used too frequently in my opinion. The gate pieces, doors, and arches add to the look of the sets. The siege weapons look very cool. Technic wheels return! The armor and figures look to be improved again. Each time kk2 is redeveloped, they seem to improve.

What I do not like: I hate the crenelation/turret piece. TLG, please stop using that everywhere. The "dock" part of 8821 looks terrible because it is a tower on top of a skinny column. Come on TLG, you can do better than that.


PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 3:10 am
by Shadow
Hmmm... thanks for the scan! It looks good from what I saw. Of course, full pictures have yet to be released, so I can't really pass judgement on anything but Vladek. It looks as if they spraypainted his helmet speckled silver now... hmmm... I'll wait and see.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 5:09 am
by JoshWedin
Hmmm...only three sets? I am sure there will be more. I have to admit that I am a little disappointed. This year's sets were better designed than the previous year, but these look like a step back (design-wise). The picture seems a bit washed out so I can't really comment on the colors. 8822 looks like a little citadel of orlan crossed with the border ambush. The ship looks interesting but I can't really make out many details. Guess I will have to wait for more pics before I weigh with a judgement. :)


PS. Thanks for the pic!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 5:49 am
by Recluce
Looking closeley, here's what I can tell. Use Vladek as a 'guide' to the changes in the other minifigs.

1. Breastplates remain unchanged.

2. Big ugly swords. Blech!

3. Brick built maces. Yay!

3. Cloth capes make a return. Think they'll have print on them? I don't.

4. No new visors, just the same ones in the silver fleck.

5. Scorpion knights all have breastplates, and either run around nekkid except for their full plate armor, or they're wearing yellow.

6. Grey/silver horse battle helmet.

7. Fenris wolf heads in an interesting color.

8. The "Rogue Knights" use kite shields (tear drop shaped), the scorpion knights use tower shields (rectangular) and the knights use heater shields (triangular).

9. Set 8823 has a figure in the archway on the second level. Looks like there's no helmet. Any ideas on who this man of mystery is?

Ok folks, I can glean no more info from this image without a higher resolution scan. Lenny, how did I do? You can me if you dont want to say publicly, but I think I did fairly well!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 6:05 am
by Athos
If you look closely infront of that tall tower, it looks like there is a knight running around in his underpants :shock:


PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 8:46 am
by MaxiVisVires
From what I see, they are still using Power Swords. But what's this in the background? Is that a mace? <zooms in closer> Ok from this angle, that lance looks kinda strange. There's also what seems to be a new 1 handed axe to right. Well, I can say I like the direction LEGO is going. :D