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Weekly Set Review: Dark Fortress Landing

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Postby Spongey » Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:34 pm

I've got to say... For a KKII set, it isn't half bad, since it doesn't have to much of a silly construction. The black doors are great, and it is intimidating and simple. Great for a bad guy fort.
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Postby Old_School_Fan » Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:42 pm

Wow, this set passed me up. Being partial to Vladek's Dark Fortress, I would have loved to pick one of these up.

I always enjoyed smaller outpost-like sets apart from the main structure. Of course they have to look somewhat decent. :wink:

I actually do think this one does.
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Postby Lawkeeper » Thu May 17, 2007 8:21 am

This set has some good parts, and the plates are useful, too. The minifigs are nice for the collectors, otherwise their parts can come in handy.
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