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Alternate Model Review: Supply Wagon

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Alternate Model Review: Supply Wagon

Postby architect » Sun Jun 04, 2006 2:49 pm

Join the Classic Castle alternate model discussion. Please post your opinions of the models' play ability, creativity, design, etc. Which models stand up to our catapult of critique and which ones crumble in shame!

This week’s set is 6010 Supply Wagon.

Supply Wagon was released in 1984. The set has three alternate models on the box including a pack horse, chariot, and plow.



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Postby ragnarok » Sun Jun 04, 2006 3:03 pm

I got this set second-hand from a friend without the weaponry and the chest. I've never used it as a supply wagon and never built it according to original instructions because I had none.

Like other similar sets(6016, 6022) I've turned it into a war-chariot but with parts from other sets. Although the plough design given here seems fine, I don't think that there are many possibilities for alternate models. The set is fine, it features some nice parts, but that's all it's good for - parts!

P.S. And may be a wagon derby - if you preffer! :P
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Postby wunztwice » Sun Jun 04, 2006 4:22 pm

I think, for the piece count LEGO did an ecxcellent job for coming up with alternate sets. The pack horse caught my eye immediately and I love the idea of the plow, an interesting use of the halberd.

This is a great little set (I think I own three) and these are nifty alternates I have never seen before because I don't have the box. These are brand new to me and I like them. The chariot leave some to be desired, but with these peices isn't bad.
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Postby Robin Hood » Sun Jun 04, 2006 9:41 pm

I must say that for such a small set, they came up with fairly decent models. The first two are not anything special, but the third one really grabbed my attention. Quite an ingenious little design. Certainally I would never have thought about using the ax for a plow. The other two are mearly a meh.

Dan :wink:
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Postby Athos » Sun Jun 04, 2006 10:38 pm

The plow is a good idea. Makes you wonder why Lego never made an official plow.

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Postby dJOLe_sk8 » Sun Jun 04, 2006 11:40 pm

Yeah,those alternate models are surely looking good(as any of classic castle sets),but the original model is still best to me...Personally I don't think that this minfig can be a warrior...It's some kind of civilian,peasant...and that's why I love it...these armors are'cause of possible ambushes...But,hey,this is LEGO,he can be the powerfull sorceror if you mind,it's all about imagination :wink:

I wish LEGO make sets like this one...especially minfigs
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Postby Anubisconq » Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:46 pm

I'd say it looks like a good set. Even if it's small, it still beats the KK2 sets.
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ahh the memories

Postby engineerio » Thu Jun 08, 2006 5:57 pm

Well, I have to say I'm a little embarassed that this minifig was my favorite castle character as a kid. I called him 'Zacheus' and he was my only peasant, always in mischief. I just recently got back into lego as an afol, and I still have this supply cart in original form with 'ol zacheus. I played with it a ton and never did take the cart apart. :D

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