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New MOC: Another Day At the Catterborough Castle

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New MOC: Another Day At the Catterborough Castle

Postby Bishons » Sat Feb 27, 2021 3:56 am

This is a MOC I made for leisure. An alternate of this MOC was for the classic castle (link: )
It is another day at the Catterborough Castle and the market is busy, the blacksmith is panting away and the bottle-seller is waiting for a customer. The guard also stands proudly at the front of the old, grey castle.

The functions are:

The MOC splits open revealing the grain cellar and interior of the tower.
Take the roof off the log cabin revealing the interior of it.
There is a man hole down to the grain cellar (on the interior of the castle)

Apparently the pictures were too big for the forum :( , so here's a link: ... Castle.htm
(and yes, I'm not using Flickr)

Thanks for looking and please comment or ask questions. They are always welcome . :)

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