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Outpost by Brickdoctor

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Outpost by Brickdoctor

Postby Bruce N H » Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:49 am

He all,

Check out this outpost by Brickdoctor.


Be sure to look closely at pictures from all angles on this one, as that 8x8 square is packed with nice details.

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Bruce N H
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Precentor of the Scriptorium
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Re: Outpost by Brickdoctor

Postby Fraslund » Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:21 pm

Very nice! the roof and corner wall look very similar to something i am currently work on. I just wish I could learn to finish a piece as well as this.
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Robin Goodfellow
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Re: Outpost by Brickdoctor

Postby Lewa Rocks » Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:32 pm

Wow this is wonderful! There is a lot of cool details! I like the bird hidden in there.
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Lewa Rocks
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Re: Outpost by Brickdoctor

Postby Blego7 » Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:35 pm

For not being a normal castle builder he has quite an eye for intricacies and details! The SNOT brickwork is an exception technique that captures a lot of realism. Th roof is also very well done and also gives the impression of realism. A lovely little vig!
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Master Builder
Master Builder
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Re: Outpost by Brickdoctor

Postby annie2200 » Sat Mar 19, 2011 10:27 am

I really love the roof. Very clever.
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Re: Outpost by Brickdoctor

Postby Tower of Iron Will » Sat Mar 19, 2011 5:50 pm

I like this moc because the SNOT work is very good. The bird and the grass are nice too. The cutaway view of the wall would be my favorite part as it shows that the wall isn't solid stone, there is a filler material used. Nice job.
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Re: Outpost by Brickdoctor

Postby krzyzak » Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:52 pm

Well .... to be honest..... it's awesome! :D
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Re: Outpost by Brickdoctor

Postby Velliscig » Sun Apr 03, 2011 5:31 pm

Pneumatic tubing for arms? Now that is a strange idea I just might have to attempt... How would that look inside a minifig's armpit though? Hm.
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