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Postby Athalus » Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:46 pm


Athalus cursed the Garheim weather, while he threw another piece of wood in his small campfire. He was well trained in the art of surviving such a harsh climate, but this sudden blizzard had taken him completely by suprise. Luckily, he found some shelter between a couple of small trees and some rocks, and managed to get a small fire going. All he could do now was wait for the storm to pass...
My build for the first challenge for Garheim. It is also my first moc containing snow. My supply of non-yellowed white parts turns out to be quite small :(

For Garheim!
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Re: LCC-Garheim-Snowfall

Postby gurusql » Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:15 pm

Nice job, I like the scene and nice use of layers and the many small details.

In Garheim, we really need to get better at predicting the weather. :lol:
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Re: LCC-Garheim-Snowfall

Postby Pedro Ivo » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:10 pm

Its a beautiful little MOC, congratz! :D
I love the snow details (under the helmet and the frozen water)!
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Re: LCC-Garheim-Snowfall

Postby Brother Steven » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:36 pm

Nice job! :) I relly like the rocks in the back
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Re: LCC-Garheim-Snowfall

Postby Eklund » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:57 pm

Nice little scene. The horn around the base of the helmet is good, I will have to remember that.
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Re: LCC-Garheim-Snowfall

Postby Medieval Guy » Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:12 pm

I like all the snowy details! The little bits of snow piled against everything are great.
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Re: LCC-Garheim-Snowfall

Postby soccerkid6 » Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:11 am

A well made little scene! Really good job on your landscape.
Keep on building :)
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