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LCC - Mages Guild - A1, A2 and A3

Postby DarkTemplar » Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:15 pm

Hi all,

Here are my entries for the mages guild apprentice rank. As my character Amaranthine was once a master magician his learning will be through recalling his past and now forgotten life rather then actually learning. Deep links to the mocs are at the end as the continuation to my story is a big longer this time as it's discussing three mocs rather than one :).

LCC - Mages Guild A1,A2 and A3 - Revelation

Amaranthine had grown bored of the Loreos-Lenfald invasion. He'd visited several Loresee battle sites and resurrected the fallen to join his and drive the invaders north. Yet he still felt incomplete, unfulfilled and stagnant. This was a new feeling to him, he could not recall feeling this way in his last life; so why now? Was it his fragmented soul? Or was it part of the Loresee soul that still remained within his flesh. Suddenly he felt his mind stretched open wide and filled with the daunting voice of the Demon Prince.

“You were much greater before then as you are today; a simple necromancer, nothing but a cheap conjuror of tricks. You will never again master your potential until you remember who you are.”

“How am I to remember who I am?

Suddenly a memory flashed into Amaranthine's mind; weaker then those he'd seen before, yet clear all the less. It was the Loresee lord thumbing through a worn manuscript. He stopped at a torn page near the middle and read:

The origins of Amaranthine of the Void are very much unknown today in the land of Roawina; including his birth name. However, the amethyst purple color of his attire when living was consistent with that of the ancient city of Heliotrope; a now semi submerged ruin off the Southeast boarder of current day Loreos. Not much more is know of the Heliotropian society but the city is still a popular spot for Roawinan Scholars.

“Heliotrope?” Amaranthine pondered and opened his minds eye. He could see large purple and gold banners, a fierce dire wolf in the center; similar to now worn and aged standard which he carried at the front of his Army. “These ruin's shall be my starting point.”

Amaranthine traveled for days before reaching the Southeastern coast, alone to avoid scrutiny. From there he stole a small boat and sailed across the sea, to the White Cliffs of Amethyst Islet. He found a caravan leaving out from White Cliff Inn which he joined. Amaranthine figured he may now need to raise some skeletons to follow him. So, by the time he had arrived at the entrance to Heliotrope, only he and his new servants, barely recognizable as their former selves, looked upon the ruins. He looked through the once great archway of the gatehouse and spotted a tall tower across an ever grown square. The grounds were littered with stones eroded from the walls and gatehouse. Cautiously stepping around the rubble, he entered the town. Meanwhile his minions tripped and stumbled over the debris; shattering their bones as they collided.

As if in a trance, Amaranthine glided across the town square and up towards the Tower. A sign read “Tower of Silence.” He looked towards the tower again. The old entrance way was intact apart from a wooden door where now all that remained were rusted hinges. Amaranthine walked into the tower, he felt bizarre,as if his mind were shackled. He continued to ascend the stairs up to a hallway of rooms. He walked down the hall peering in each room as he past. They were cells, he must have been in a prison of some kind. He arrived at the larger room and entered, the view was out over the square. Nothing seemed to stand out to him until it felt as if his eyes were pulled to a spot on the floor. One of the floor stones had a marking on it, magic in form. His bony index finger traced the words, “Pariah Plum.”

“Was this me?”, he thought. Then everything went white.


Heliotrope had long since been the utopian center of science and magic. Scholars and mages from around the world would come and visit, study, and learn there. But with all good intentions, problems soon arose in Heliotrope. Back street gangs and brigands would pick up spells from the travelers in exchange for contraband. Sometimes in exchange for the mages right to pass through safely. It wasn't long before the magic oasis turned into a slum, birthing Pariah Plum into the world. Pariah had not know who his parents were but spent his days living on the streets and stealing for food, which worked well as long has he had enough for himself, after giving tribute to his gang leader. To strengthen his gang the leader would often teach his disciples simple spells, such as lock opening, levitation, and pushing force.


To combat this rise in magic related crime the order of the spell breakers was formed. These were warrior mages trained in defensive magic. They could summon a a massive shield made out of concentrated magic, and would use their enchanted swords to dispel magic traps.

Since discovering his magic ability through the simple spells learned Pariah quickly rose up the ranks of street thieves and soon became the leader of his gang. They hit the local stalls on market day and created tolls for travelers. But their spell knowledge was reaching its limits. They decided to hit the local library to steal some stronger and forbidden spells. Unfortunately they were found out and Pariah was captured by the spell breakers and taken to the Tower of Silence. The tower itself had been insulated from magic, so no spells could be used to break in or out of the Tower. But spells could still be cast within the cells. Pariah used this opportunity to hone his skills including; improving his pushing force and summoning. Pariah had strengthened his push to the point where he could will himself into objects; this is how he carved his name into the cell floor. He had also perfected his summoning spell to summon mice out of the walls and watched them scurry in their bewilderment back into the walls.


While practicing spells Pariah heard a shouting coming from outside. He looked down out of his window and saw a man in grey approaching. The Spell breaker outside stood defensively and questioned the man. Pariah could tell the man in grey had a great magic presence about him. With each step he took the ground pulsated and glowed silver. The man in grey handed the spell break an envelope. The spell breaker stood aside and the man entered the tower. Pariah continued to stare out the window when the door flung open the the man in grey entered.

“Hello Pariah, I've heard you've become quite the street magician”

Pariah continued to stare at the man blankly

“There are several mages, such as yourself, that have the power to lead and learn but in today's society have become lost and misguided. My name is Bjorge Adal and I run a school which can guide and further hone your abilities. However, in exchange for this gift you must join my order. As you can imagine the spell breakers can keep in check the simple hooligans but the more advanced master mages are beyond them. Therefore,we are working in close proximity with the spell breakers to create our own master mages to ensure magic crime is under our control. You do not have to join this order, but if you choose not to you will rot in this cell for all your youth. Or you can make your vows to me and join my order. Will you pledge your mind to protect the countryside from the corrupt in exchange for broadening your skill or will you rot here?”

Pariah wasn't sure about all this saving the countryside but he was concerned that he was pledging his life to live in a monastery.

“So Bjorge, where is this school of yours located?”

“My magic collage is located on the magic isle to the east.”

Hmm there is not a whole lot there, he thought, but he could always escape quite simply into the woods from there if he wanted.

“Very well then, I accept your offer Bjorge.”

And with that they headed out of the tower and set out on their journey to the College of Magic.


Pariah had now been at the magic college for several weeks. He had met the other students and learned that they came from similar walks of life. There was: Hagar Stonefist of the Stonefist orc tribe which was nestled in the southern Roawinan mountain ranges, William of the Barren from the great desert civilizations in central Roawina, Berg Frost from the great mountains to the north, and Malak Blackwood of the Hinterlands.

Bjorge had been teaching them all to summon their inner spirits and exert them onto a foe, similar to the push spell Pariah had learned but much stronger. Pariah’s knowledge and prowess of the push spell had made him a quick learner of the skill and quickly excelled among his classmates. Bjorge had called for a duel challenge amongst his students such that they could gain practice against other mages. Bjorge quickly divided up his students and pitched Pariah up against William. Being from waring cities the two had always clashed with each other and Bjorge saw it as a bonding opportunity; for understanding another's magical ability meant one could understand everything about that person.

Pariah and William walked down to the dueling floor, Bjorge and their classmates assembled above. Malak and Hagar had seen great power in Pariah and were eager to view him in battle. Meanwhile, as Berg and William had formed a friendship, Berg was eager to cheer his friend on. Bjorge stood in the middle, waiting to see how the meeting unfolded.

“Staves at the ready!” Bjorge boomed.

Pariah piked up his staff and pointed it towards William who met his stance.



Pariah and William launched attacks at each other. Pariah manipulated arcane energy as all Heliotropes did while William fought back with the fires of the desert. The purple and orange energy fields surged forth and collided, a crack echoed through the halls and then a whirlwind. Dust from the floors shot up in the air, the banner's whipped back and fourth; viewers above had to squint to see the action below. Pariah's arcane energy began to grow as the stars themselves appeared. Then, a second crack as the arcane energy consumed the fire throwing William back into a column behind him. Pariah looked at his staff and then William; who was dazed but not injured.

“Were this a real duel William, you would now be dead. But in these halls, the power of magic against students is limited; while is strength against other magic is uncompromising. Pariah, congratulations; and the rest of you, welcome to the world of sorcery. For this is the type of foe you will be facing once you are full members of my order; the order of light.


As if thrown into the wall by the arcane magic like William, Amaranthine awoke on the floor of the cell. He looked at the name on the floor again, Pariah Plum.

“I was once that man,” he thought to himself.

Amaranthine stood to his feet, feeling a strength that was oddly familiar yet new. He threw his staff forward and pushed with all his might, arcane energy shot out of him and ripped through the cell wall. He curled his lips into a smile and clenched his first. He looked over to the hole in the wall and saw a purple energy leaving the stones. Bjorge was right, the tower had been strong enough to hold simple spell but his newly recalled skill could over come this quite easily.

Amaranthine stepped out of the tower,stronger and taller, now an apprentice of magic, eager to visit this College of Magic and further recall his past skill.

Here are the deep-links to the Flickr Galleries
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Re: LCC - Mages Guild - A1, A2 and A3

Postby AK_Brickster » Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:41 pm

Wow. Very well done!! Normally, you are only allowed to submit 2 MOCs/month to the guild, but since it's such a beautiful and continuous story, and also since it is July 1st, we'll just consider the A1 and A2 for June and A3 will be your first for July.

Great job and keep up the good work! :mrgreen:
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Re: LCC - Mages Guild - A1, A2 and A3

Postby mencot » Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:31 am

Great job your stories are :shock: so great :D
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