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LCC - Heroes Guild - J1 - Havenhill in Ruin

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:47 pm
by gurusql
Kroth Stonegrinder was riding through wilds of Garhiem and as he got closer and closer to Havenhill, the knot that had been in his stomach returned. Kroth urged Lanseril on and two picked up the pace. As they got within a few miles of town, Kroth noticed a black smoke was rising from the town. Not liking the look of this two continued on and soon ran across a pair of soldiers, one wounded and one not making their way together away from Havenhill. Kroth stopped them and ask what was happening.

The unwounded solider gently helped his wounded companion to the ground and began to describe to horrors of the town. He told of how a giant serpent under the control of Agmund the Wise as well as a large force of orcs had attacked Havenhill. The serpent broken down the main gates and the entire town was under siege.

Kroth ordered the unwounded solider to return with him and told Lanseril to stay with the wounded man. As the two approached the castle, they found four other soldiers to join the cause to return to save the town.
When the small band made to the town gates, they found the gates destroyed and the town on fire. They had a short battle with eight orcs that did not think that they would be encountering any more resistance and were leaving the town with some of it treasures. With the orcs all dead as well as three of his men, the remaining force entered Havenhill. It was clear that chaos was the only ruler in the town from when they first entered. Kroth organized everyone that he could, soldiers, shopkeepers and farmers to work on putting out the fires. Though it seem impossible when Kroth arrived within a few hours, all of the fires except the those in the tower gates had been put out and those were at least contained. Assessing the damage, Kroth discovered Lord Aldolpus and his wife had been killed when Agmund the Wise and his serpent crashed into the inner keep. In addition, it appears that Folkvar one of Kroth two lieutenants had been in the tower gate when the fire began and he has not been seen since. There were mixed accounts about the abilities of the serpent, some said that it was breathing fire, but regardless it was clear that Kroth had been right about Agmund and now he needed to avenge his Lord. With large parts of the town in ruin and the Lord dead everyone was looking for Kroth to lead the town and to keep them safe.

With the town in at least state of relative calm, Kroth organized a perimeter guard and then send a pair of riders out to Jahrton and another pair to Mikithdar requesting any aid they could send. Kroth then sat down with his two surviving senior officers to talk about how to run the town in the short term. Beryl Tourmaline had taught him all of his organizational skills a child since he raised him after the death of this father, so Kroth asked Beryl to act as the chief administrator handling the needs of the citizens and his other lieutenant, Logmadr he asked to act as the captain of the guard. When Beryl heard this he asked what Kroth had in mind, but as soon as the question had passed his lips it was clear that Kroth would be going after the Agmund.

Made for the Heroes Guild - Journeyman 1 at LCC

More photos can be found on Flickr.

Any comments, suggestions and/or criticism are welcome :D

Re: LCC - Heroes Guild - J1 - Havenhill in Ruin

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 5:50 pm
by soccerkid6
Nice MOC, you are becoming quite the builder! I like the way you did the river down to the bottom of the base, and the cobblestone looks very nice.
I also like the well, nice use of the new round tiles. Looking forward to your next build :D

Re: LCC - Heroes Guild - J1 - Havenhill in Ruin

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 6:33 pm
by krzyzak
I'm really liking this! :D