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LCC - Allies (2nd GC, Part 1)

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LCC - Allies (2nd GC, Part 1)

Postby Burlogh » Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:06 pm

This entry is for LCC 2nd GC, please skip the story at the end if you are not interested. Thanks :)


Allies closeup

Treasure chamber of the Leprechaun

- I prefer hammers over swords but if all the lords are looking for that blade, I couldn't keep away - grumbled Burlogh O'Rohal into his mug. So tell me the price of your information - pointed at the map on the table. And give me a real chair instead of this...
- Stay calm, my friend - the small leprechaun smiled. - This map is not for sale, not even for you.
- Then what do you want?
- You know, I'm a merchant. A very rich one
- he had a look at the chamber behind the troll. And I want much more wealth! He sipped a drop of wine and smiled from ear to ear. - I want to be your partner. If you find the sword, you will be the most powerful lord around. Hundreds of warriors will come to fight under your flag. I give you this map as a present, and you will protect me. Since those Loreesi dogs invaded our territory, this place is filled with so-called treasure hunters They always chase me through the forest because of those infantile legend. You know, leprechaun, rainbow, pot of gold and so on. Meh, I need some sharp axes to keep them away from me! Then we will talk again about business when the sword is in your hand.
- Deal, my old friend
- laughed the troll. - Your bodyguards will be here in a few days. And I hope this map leads to the real sword!
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