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LCC GC2: The Quest for the lost Sword

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LCC GC2: The Quest for the lost Sword

Postby Buurli » Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:44 pm

This is my entry to the SECOND GLOBAL CHALLENGE!

After Achmed worked 2 years for Prince Jarius, as a royal merchant, he wanted to experience some adventures... so he registered himself as a voluntary in the army. Unfortunately, they didn't took him. He was too weak and too small and too unexperienced for fighting against Outlaws (I never thought this is possible :lol: ). He had to show them that he was mightier as they thought. So it came, that he started looking for this legendary Sword. He went to the most prudent and oldest men in whole Loreos, but everyone said something different.

-Hhhmm, the lost Sword. I would go to a Druid in Lenfald and ask there for advise, they usually get the double age of us, so if you're lucky, you can find one who still knows where the Sword is.
-No, that's wrong. After the 13 years of war, there were no Druids left. I'm pretty sure, that the Outlaws shrouded the Sword on the Magic Isle
- :roflol: Hahaha, what a rubbish! The Sword is in the highest mountains of Garheim, where a human can't reach it.
-But I'm sure that it's on the Magic Isle :cry:

After this very interresting discussion, Achmed understood, that nobody could help him.

Wait, he forgot someone. Olaf. He was an old friend, who lived in the North of Garheim. Althought Achmed didn't know if he's still alive, he went to the small village where his friend lived. It was a long and a cold travel, but finally, Achmed made it to there. But he couldn't find Olaf. He wen't from house to house and asked the people, but nobody knew where he was. So Achmed went to the watchtower, maybe they would know where he is.


"Hello, old man, can I help you?", did a guard shout.
-I'm only 43 years old, young bastard! :mad: , but yes, you can help me. I look for a man, Olaf, he's pretty old...
-He just went in the wine cellar, directly under us. Just go through that door, and you'll find him.
-Thank you =) (No smilies left o.0 )

And there he was, half drunk. But Olaf still recognized him. They went together to Olafs small hut. As soon as Olaf was on the mend, Achmed asked him, what he know's about the lost Sword.

As his friend advised him, Achmed went to the Amethyst Isle, to the Ruins of Heliotrope. This was the land of Outlaws, Achmed always had to pay attention that he didn't get attacked from behind.
He walked on all moldered streets, but he couldn't find the Forgotten Palace, about which Olaf talked. He just wanted to give up, but suddenly he stumbled over a stone which was a little bit higher than the others. And then...

...a drop opened, just like in the stories he told to the kids. He went down there and found a room. It looked like it once was a palace, there was a stained glass and other things. And there was also a stand... on it was a huge bright Sword. He wanted to go there, but suddely a snake attacked him. :twitch: He reacted enough fast and cut it the head down.


He run to the Sword took it and run out with it. He scratched his hands on poisonous thorns, got biten by a deadly snake, but it didn't hurt him anything. What was that for a Sword? It was huge, but also as light as a small Dagger. And it was sharper than anything he has seen before. Could the Outlaws produce such swords, or was it made by God and given to him to bring justice back? He didn't care, at least he had the magical sword and was the mightiest men on the whole world...
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