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LCC-GC2 Part 2-Garheim-Behind the waterfall

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LCC-GC2 Part 2-Garheim-Behind the waterfall

Postby konze » Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:01 am

Hello there,

here is my second entry for GC2.

After a long journey from Mikithdar via Lenfald to Loreos Svea and her brother Tolvo reached the Cape Havoc.
"You can find the sword in Loreos where the river an the sea merge with a big noise" Herman said. Due to this fact Tolvo and Svea searched for a place where this happens. It took them two days after they reached a suitable location. Tolvo shouted "It's very noisy here"
Svea: "Yes, you're right! It has to be here"
Tolvo: "Let's take a look"
Before Tolvo could finish his sentence Svea jumped in the cave behind the waterfall and ignited her torch. And there was it. The Sword.




More pics on flickr

I hope you like it.

Best regards

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